Summer Bbag Reconnaissance Mission

  1. So, my entire summer just opened up. I was supposed to take courses and finish in August, but my school redesigned how they charge summer tuition- so it costs about as much as non-resident ( 3 times as much ) SO- I dropped my courses and now have nothing to do other than list stuff in my closet on eBay (still working on going through my crap though...) and beg galleries to show my work.

    I'm considering going on a trip specifically to find balenciaga bags outside of Hawaii. There are 2 shops that sell consignment designer stuff here, and neither of them have ever had any balenciaga pass through... I probably dont want to go until mid-july or early august, I am thinking

    So I need help girls! Where should I go? Where are these magical consignment shops that sell used balenciaga? Any tips or leads will be much appreciated- I'm thinking NY, LA or SF are going to have the most options- so share your secrets with me! Or come along! I'd love someone to search through bins and bins to find something!!

    you know, otherwise its me, the dogs and the beach all summer long... :cool:

    save me from skin cancer and endless games of fetch! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: