summer bags..

  1. Is it too early to break out the white MC bags?

    You ladies are pushing me to use my bags.. I feel so guilty that i have a white mc that i'm scared to use. I'm lucky if i've used it a hand full of times and i've had it for 3 yrs now.
  2. Not too early. I'm using my white MC bag now, and I've seen a couple people around with them also. I wear my summer bag from April to end of Aug. I'm on the east coast, so even though April is a little early, in my mind I'm ready for summer!!!!!
  3. There are really no rules against white anymore-- wear it whenever you feel it- I say!!!
  4. :cool: No way - go ahead and use it. By the way, I have 3 white MC's (Gracie, Bologne and Shirley) and I sometimes use them in the dead of winter. Although, I do live in Southern California and I noticed you lived in Canada. Either way, people are always so complimentary, they don't even care if the darn thing is white - just covered in LV's!
  5. I usually put away my white bags from Labour Day up until Easter.

    I thought it was alright to bring them back out after Easter? :blink:
  6. i see people carrying it year round so i definitely don't think it's too early!
  7. I'm scared (LOL)
    You know i freak out when i see clouds and want to hide my bags :sad: I see the sun and i'm itching to use them.

    Today was a such a nice day and i'm carrying my Mono speedy right now but cam home to lust over my MC .. I got her out of the dustbag and the clouds came out and i'm worried again.

    How do you get over that hump to just use your bags?

  8. I didn't even know that anything could happen to the leather. I never protected mine in the rain or snow. They are just great looking, the patina is beautiful. They never even stained. I am a little nervous with the white but not so much that it prevents me from using them. I love bags, so I just can't help but use them......and unfortunately keep wanting more bags....:smile:
  9. Oh i want more too but dang... I need to get over the hump...:cry:

  10. I have just switched my bags.. i'm going to try and use my mc speedy as my daily bag now ..
  11. never too early! :smile:
  12. I'm The Same As You...I Have Worn My White MC Speedy Twice in Three Years......I'm So Glad To Hear You Took It Out & Are Wearing It!!!

  13. Good for you!!! I'm just a little extra careful with the white. Just think how much you'll enjoy every morning when you wake up and see it!! See, now my true obsession is sounding off.......:shame:
  14. Wow, I'm thinking maybe I should get into one of my white mc's too!! Either the Speedy or Alma....never the Theda. I do have some fond memories from the last time I used the bags so maybe since white is in I'll follow your lead, Bag Fetish!
  15. thanks, i'm sure we'll get bad weather now .. :sad: if so its my fault.