Summer bags 2007

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  1. :confused1: Any idea what's the "It" bag in summer 2007?
  2. hopefully it'll be a large large baggy, for about $6.99, or else I shall sit in a cell, in debtor's prison (but will take my bags with me)

  3. :roflmfao:
  4. Lolol. Oh, and it *must be in fine Italian leather for just that price. We do not ask for much, huh? :smile:
  5. I would go with LV sophie. But, it may come out too early in the year , and may be too small, to be the 'be all end all' IT bag.
    just a hypothesis. actually, i hope the popularity dies down so i can friggin get one!
  6. Too early to tell. Maybe th LVoe tote