Summer bag?

  1. Just wondering what Hermes bag you use the most during the warm, sunny Spring/Summer months?

    I've been using my vintage toile/Box Kelly and my new HAC (which is black Box :blink:smile: but I was thinking about a Toile/Barenia Trim for those casual Summer days.....if I can even FIND one out there in the world....

    Just wondering what everyone else uses the most.....

  2. I use my taupe Picotin.
  3. Have to be solo Kelly isn't my most often used in the summer. I have to live through all of you on this thread!
  4. For everyday: Trim 31cm in bluejean
    Trim 31 cm toile/rouge chamonix
    For evening: Jige in gold courchavel
    Birkin 25cm vert anis
  5. Both of my H bags are perfect for the summer. I did leave my Birkin at home and took my rouge Trim on vacation and it's been perfect!
    Now I just need another in a 35cm!
  6. For summer I like the toile "mini" garden party, and the gold or blue jean bolide. also a picotin could be nice.
  7. I use my royal blue ostrich Bolide and fuchsia Kelly. The colors perfectly go so well with my summer clothes! :beach:
  8. turqoise birkin....I do think a toile/barenia would be perfect!
  9. As I only have one, the Kelly is being used all the time. Although I noticed some slight scratching on the corners of the bag when I was at the movies the other day. I think I am going to have to give her a little break. I need to get myself another bag.
  10. Good question D - I try to match my bag with whatever I am wearing but have found on hols, the Birkin or Kelly (unless it is one of my Mini Kellys) looks a tad on the heavy side .... I recently bought the cutest potiron vibrato picotin that is perfect for summer evenings when on hols .... I think the toile herbag and clutch also look good
  11. :graucho: I know which one I would carry... :lol:
  12. ohhh - i'd love to see this bag, flossy!!!!
  13. I think a Toile Trim would be Gorgeous Shopmom! I would love a Barenia Toile Trim or Kelly for the summer. And also love the idea of a Blue Jean Trim (or anything for that matter)!!! But back to reality- living vicariously through you for a while!!!
  14. Well....for some God-only-knows-what reason, there seems to be absolutely NO 31cm toile/leather Trims available on the planet. :huh:
    None. Zip. Nada. :blink:

    And, I would have taken any color leather and ALMOST any size (well, except for the really tiny and the really big sizes...didn't want to look like a dwarf or a giant). So, back to the drawing board for Shopmom or rather.....the hunt is ON! :supacool:
  15. I think it really is about timing. I know I saw one a month or two ago.