summer bag??

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  1. i need help deciding which bag i should get for the summer time. i would prefer a tote bag thats kinda roomy so i can just things in it. ive been looking at the large signature stripe tote but idk. i work at macys so the end of april i get a 40 percent discount on coach wit the F&F sale :biggrin: any suggestions??
  2. CARLY!! In platinum or angora!!
  3. 40%? Lucky you! If you have Ergo at your Macy's I would get it in pond. But the purse you posted there, is that a Leigh? If so, then I would go for that, as well. Carly's work well too in bright colors.
  4. Kittenditty and Sari_luna's suggestions are great--Carlys are awesome bags and I love the ergo in pond.

    If you're okay with coated canvas, I would also consider the Heritage stripe tote. I have one in pink and one in green, and my pink (which is in the small size) is the cutest bag for summer. I can fit a lot in into it, and I've rec'd many compliments. To me, it's very spring/summer-y! I also think that the pebbled ergos in white are nice for summer--if you're a fan of that style and/or okay with white bags.

    Make sure you update us with what you get!
  5. As for summer bags, I'm personally looking for more bright leather bags (like a leather Carly!), but I have to say I'm beginning to like some of the patent bags a lot too. I would love to see the teal color in something other than the Francine, and I think I would be all over that! Otherwise, I'm really liking the coated tattersall.

    If you get 40% off, then I would say go for a more expensive bag that you like and couldn't normally buy.
  6. hmm yeah i was looking at the heritage satchel in XL but i tried it on and its wayyy to big lol the pond color on the ergo is really pretty.... ohhh decisions, decisions. thanks everyone!
  7. Both the Heritage Stripe totes and the new Tattersall ones are nice for summer because they are super easy to keep clean and you can stuff all your things in them. I love the color of that Leigh in your post though - it's a great color for summer. Consider the new Carly's w/ the Turq. and Geranium trim too.
  8. For a summer bag I think Ergo would be easy to carry and roomey. Or the coated canvas Tattersall is nice too.