Summer bag...

  1. What do you think...hampstead in azur or something epi ivoire????? Looking for timeless and elegant....
  2. Azur!!!!! Hampstead or Berkely or speedy!
  3. Azur Heampstead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. azur! .. anything azur.. thats what i was thinking for myself!
  5. I think Ivory Epi will be more elegant. The Ivory Speedy or Lockit will be timeless pieces.
  6. for summer? hampstead!
  7. Azur Hamstead, I'm getting the azur saleya mm for myself for a summer bag
  8. azur:tup:
  9. Ya very nice bag I recommend it for you the saleya gorgeous.. any azur piece if fab!
  10. Timeless and elegant ~ definitely Epi Ivoire! I love it in Jasmin, Passy and Speedy:love:
  11. I agree, azure or ivoire is the way to go! I love both of them...:heart:
  12. azur~~~
  13. Azur Heampstead. ;)
  14. Yes, anything in azur. Hempstead for a more elegant look, and speedy or saleya for a more casual look.
  15. azur... perfect color combination.