Summer bag poll: Denim Baggy PM or White MC Lodge PM?


Denim Baggy PM or White MC Lodge PM?

  1. Denim Baggy PM

  2. White MC Lodge PM

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  1. Thanks to you all, I have narrowed down my next purchase for a casual summer bag to the Denim Baggy PM or the White MC Lodge PM. Which do you like best? They are similar in size and shape so only real issue is color and material.

    I think the Denim Baggy PM is more versatile so I am leaning towards it, but I am open to being convinced otherwise.

    TIA! You guys and girls are the best!
  2. My vote is for the Lodge PM. Not a huge fan of the Denim line, but I do love the Cruise line.
  3. The Denim Baggy PM is such a cute bag and it would be great for summer. Get it!
  4. Ha ha, one-to-one so far. I forgot to mention, when I tried on the White MC with a busier pattern shirt, it clashed a bit. The denim still looked good though. That is why leaning towards denim. I love white MC though!
  5. Another vote for denim baggy pm, I love this bag!!!
  6. denim IS summer.
  7. I vote for denim, cause I would love it too, I have the Black Lodge GM, and love it, am only voting for denim cause I think it's hot and chic and I want it too! I think you'll love it for summer, very soft. Lodge is stiff and more structured, two very different bags... I do love the way the Lodge sits on my waist though. It's a great bag too... Still voted for baggy.
  8. Denim! Perfect for summer living.
  9. Baggy Pm FOR SURE!!
  10. Denim would be great for summer!
  11. baggy pm! :yes:
  12. Baggy PM hands down. I am so in love with mine right now. Such a perfect summer bag.
  13. I like the denim baggy.
  14. Baggy PM ...cus i want it too lol its such a hot bag!
  15. Denim is very summer.