Summer Bag- Need Suggestions

  1. Hi ladies, I've just started looking for a summer bag and I don't know where to begin. I want something that will be durable and can also be used as a schoolbag after summer ends, and most likely a tote. I was thinking of maybe getting another Longchamp tote, but with long handles this time so I can wear it on my shoulder. A friend suggested Le Sportsac or Lacoste totes, but I'm not sure where to find either of these in Taiwan. Please post your suggestions, and pictures if you have them :yes:
  2. Hi littlepanda, what's your budget?
  3. I would like the bag to be under $100 (USD)
  4. OK, what do you think of a tote like this? This lady is Japanese-born and lives in the US now. She has shipped to countries overseas. I came across her brilliant site a few days ago, I swear I'm not related to her at all :biggrin: I just think she makes very pretty bags.

    Spring bag 297

    outer: reinforced upholstery fabric w/ applique (100% cotton, flannel and felt), piping tape and two genuine leather buttons
    lining: 100% polyester
    closure: magnetic snaps (antique brass)
    * The bag has two pockets
    * The bottom of the bag has a cloth-covered plastic canvas board and it is removable

    17 x 10.5 / 3.25 inches
    (43 x 26.5 / 8 cm)
    handles: 22 inches (56 cm) [​IMG]$79.00


    After paying for shipping, taxes (if any), the cost could go up to above US$100.
  5. How about this bag (elsewares has some cool stuff and they ship worldwide)?
    Birds of Prey Bag by Ryan Green $68

    Birds of Prey Bag
    This cool "poucho" bag from Ryan Green fits all your daily needs, and looks fabulous to boot! Built with 2 great pockets, a large one on the front and a 7" zippered pocket inside for all the little things. Made of soft corduroy and fully lined. Made in Brooklyn.
    16" x 14" and 2 16" straps
    Ships in 1-2 weeks.
  6. Wow, all very cute bags :biggrin: Thank you for your suggestions, I'll take a look at those links you gave me.
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