Summer bag help! Shoulder tote Vs. Gold Ali

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  1. Aaah! I'm resting now. I'm very tired from taking care of 2 kids, a husband and a home all day. To rest and relax I go on tPF (of course) and shop on ebay for deals. So now I need to reward myself. Please help me decide between these bags. I know the shoulder tote is an older style but I have a 3 year old and 6 month old (big bag is good). I have 3 leather ali's (black/brown/whiskey) so I obviously love the ali style. What to do?
    coach 5715.JPG gold ali.JPG
  2. I like the white tote better, especially since you have 3 ali's already.
  3. Hmmm. For summer I would probably choose the white tote. It's so classy looking but still very kick-around too. Maybe get a little multi-colored flower charm to go with it for some fun color. The other bag is more autumn I think.
  4. actually I prefer the Ali but if you already have 3 maybe you want something different? :shrugs: They are 2 completely different styles.. what are you looking for in a bag right now? Good Luck! :tup:
  5. IMO I like the white shoulder tote, love the style and it would be perfect for spring/summer!
  6. As much as I love Ali, I think of the particular bags you posted, the white tote is a better summer bag. What about a white Ali? Either the white leather or khaki sig with white...
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'm leaning towards the white tote just because it's different. I hope it's comfortable on the shoulder. I like the idea of adding a colourful charm/scarf to brighten it up. I'm looking for a bag that's low maintenance, inexpensive and not black/brown (have too many of those). I know I can get the tote for a cheaper price versus the ali and i've done too much shopping on Coach bags already. Do you know if jean colour will transfer on to pebble leather like vintage leather?
  8. I think that is a great choice! :tup: The fact that you already have 3 ali's seems like it would be fun to get something else... I have tried on that shoulder tote and it seemed REALLY nice and light :okay:
  9. I definitely would go for the white bag! You already have 3 Alis, so why not get something different?! And as you said, you can always add color with charms and scarves!
  10. I have a shoulder tote in camel and it is very light and easy to carry on the shoulder. I love it! I cant wait for the snow to melt here and for it to look like spring and then I am switching to that!
  11. I say the white tote. I don't care for the Siggy Ali..
  12. White tote
  13. I like the white tote, too.

    I had that same Ali for about 6 hours, I tried to love it, but she just wasn't for me. She went back and I got something that I didn't have to try to love. The white would be nice, though, but if you already have a few, maybe the tote is the way to go, with a charm or scarf!
  14. I vote the white tote!
  15. I say get the white tote since you have 3 Ali's. The white tote will be perfect for summer.