Summer Bag for Casual Printed Dresses?

  1. I'm trying to pick out a bag to go with my summer "uniform" of casual printed Old Navy dresses, most with black as the dominant color, paired with a denim jacket. My ideal size is not much smaller than a Speedy 25 and nothing too large. I'm open to Epi, DE, and Empreinte but don't do monogram or vernis. I'm thinking Speedy B 25 Empreinte in noir or perhaps raisin? My current bags are a Speedy B 25 and Totally PM, both in DE, and I'm 5'1" about 105 lbs. Here are some typical outfits. Thanks so much for the help!
    cn13127187.jpg cn12790773.jpg
  2. I think the Croisette in DE or Azur, Pochette Felicie in Epi or Empreinte, or even a PA with a longer strap ( has optional chain straps to dress it up a little more also). I know these are all smaller bags, but I think they would pair well with a cute summer dress. :smile:
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  3. These are good options, also maybe Speedy 20 in emp noir or raisin. If 20 is too small then your choice of the 25 size is a good option. Maybe also Mazzarine PM?
  4. I second for Croisette. Alma BB is also a good idea. These are smaller bags but they would look good with summer dresses.
  5. I agree with this! @Squirrel75, since you're already partial to an empreinte Speedy, do consider size 20 if not size 25. Happy shopping! ;)
  6. The Croisette in DE would be good, especially since there's no fear of color xfer like I always am scared of on DA. The Croisette is structured so you can't fit a lot in there but it's SOOOOO CUTE and may be perfect for you if you don't need to carry a lot.
    I don't think you could go wrong with an Empriente Speedy B either. Both are great choices! Are you able to try them on at the boutique?
    My only concern on the Empriente Speedy is how they sag after use. I see them on Fashionphile and some of them look sad.
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  7. Ooh! The Croisette is a great idea! Alas, i'm pretty far from a boutique, so it would be an online purchase:sad:

    Good point about the Empreinte, especially since I like myour Speedy structured. Thank you so much for the input!
  8. I like the suggestions above. An azur bag is perfect for summer. I just got my first everyday azur bag and so glad I did. No issues with color transfer at all.
    I think the empreinte in noir or raisin are more winter bags to me. They seem dark and heavy paired with those cute dresses. If you are leaning towards leather I would get an Alma- either pm or bb. Amazing color choices. Good luck!
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  9. Ooh! Good call on the Speedy 20 instead of the 25! You guys are awesome!
  10. first thing i thought of was the croisette in azur or de
  11. DA looks really well with floral prints.
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  12. Alma epi bb! You could get a color to use year round or just for summer.
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  13. How about the City Steamer PM or Mini in a colourful combination? It's very versatile and can be worn many ways including cross body.

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  14. IMG_1495251124.304328.jpg

    I actually wore my new Favorite out tonight with my Old Navy casual summer dress. But since you said no mono I would go with a noir Speedy B or Alma BB, depending on what you carry. Azur is too fussy for me even though it's gorgeous and summer perfect.
  15. For print dresses I´d go with a bag without a pattern. I think black or dark blue epi bags would go great with these dresses :smile: .
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