Summer bag dilemma?

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Which one should I go for?

  1. Gucci Marmont Flap Bag in Nude (Small)

  2. Gucci Marmont Camera Bag

  3. Louis Vuitton Croisette in Damier Azure

  1. I will be flying from Heathrow Terminal 3 to USA and saved up a bit for a nice vat free shopping experience.

    I’m looking for a small/medium size spring summer bag and my only criteria from the bag is to be able to hold a regular 500ml water bottle (high five to all you water drinkers out there!).

    I have few bags on my mind, however, am indecisive and thought about asking you guys about your respective opinions.

    Designer bags are new territory that I’m exploring at the moment and I currently own LV Neverfull in DE MM and a black Gucci Marmont flap bag in small size. I love both of the bags.

    I have been considering :

    a. Nude version of the Gucci Marmont flap bag in small
    b. Nude Gucci Marmont camera bag
    c. LV Croisette in DA

    As I have the black one, I know for a fact that Marmont flap bag comfortably fits a water bottle, but don’t know about the other two. Can anybody please advise?

    Setting aside the water bottle issue, my husband thinks that it’s a bit pointless to go and buy the same bag in different colours. (I’m also considering to get LV NF DA as well, which I already own in DE). For this reason, I started to look at the camera bag, which I love as well. But I feel like the flap bag is way more elegant than that.. As per Croisette, I’ve discovered it recently and it was a love at first sight. My only concern would be the fact that I’m already planning to get NF in DA as well and would it be too much of the same pattern in my just growing collection.?

    Obviously, I do not know which of these bags would be available in the airport but would appreciate your opinions on the matter.

    PS. I’m 5’58 and usually dress smart casual. I like to dress down and uplift my look with shoes/bags.
  2. Hi. If you can. Maybe you can post photos of the bags, as not everyone is familiar with the different brand name bags. :smile:
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  3. I love the camera bag I have the mini wore it all summer in nude. Best color ever!!! As for azur I would get the nf I wouldn’t buy the other one because crossbody wear can be an issue with color transfer if u have on darker bottoms. The flaps I do t love due to the shape after awhile
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  4. I can’t stand the Marmont line. So my vote goes to the Croisette.
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  5. Croisette
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  6. you have a good point here, how is the colour transfer on damier azure? I assumed it wouldn't be an issue as it's not a leather, but then again I do not have any first hand experience on the matter..
  7. If you like the marmont line, take a look at some of new wave bags at LV. The bags feel much more substantial than the marmont, but unfortunately are also more expensive.
    Color transfer will be similar with the azur as with light colored leather.
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  8. I have the marmont in nude (got it last spring) and I absolutely love this bag. The nude color matches valentino's poudre as well as jimmy choo's blush color if you need shoes that go with it. I highly recommend. I'm actually considering the croisette in azur for this year to change it up - add something more casual to the collection with white/grey tones. IMO, if you don't have a nude bag yet, get the marmont, as it can be dressed up or down, whereas I think canvas prints are pretty casual.
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  9. IMG_8809.JPG

    For reference. I just bought the Valentino rockstud slide sandals (Rue La La has a huge sale on rockstud shoes right now) so I can compare those colors when they come in too, if that helps.
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  10. I just got the New Wave Camera bag and I love it.... but it may be a little short for you. I am only 5"1 and it is perfect. I like it because you never ever see it around - - I feel like the Gucci Marmont is EVERYWHERE!!!!!
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  11. I just got the black Camera bag and I LVOEEEEEEEEE it!!!!!!! It feels way better than the Gucci Marmont and to me, just looks nicer... but I am partial to LV over Gucci... :heart:
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