Summer Bag (2)

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  1. Ok, what do we think?


    I know it's plain, but I wanted something with a lot of pockets because I fly a lot and I always carry a lot of junk onboard with me. I wanted a larger bag but I just cant afford that right now.

    Its a brand called Hype. Saw it on for $132.

    Details --
    • Soft calfskin with goldtone hardware
    • Front and side magnetic flap pockets
    • 21'' top straps; top zip closure
    • Striped satin lining with zip, patch and cell-phone pockets
    • Handbag measures approximately 17'' wide x 10'' tall x 6'' deep
    • Calfskin Leather
    • Imported
  2. If you are looking for a bag to travel with, I suggest getting a different color. The white will get dirty easily.
  3. Pretty bag ..... great price!
  4. [​IMG]


    Maybe these?
  5. Like the white, but not for travel. For travel I'd go with the tan.
  6. I agree. Travel + white bag = dirty white bag when you get back!

    It's cute though, but I'd get the tan too!
  7. Thank you Greenie/pseub/pursegal! I think I'll be going with the tan one.
  8. I like the tan too!
  9. The tan's lovely - good choice!

    I also like Hype's green whipstitch leather Bonanza shoulder bag ($132).
  10. Totally agree with the others. Get the tan one. It's a nice size and it's super-cute! White on the airport security x-ray belt = dirty in 5 seconds. :sick:
  11. lol True, I completely forgot about that dreaded belt!
  12. I REALLY like that. But maybe in another color. . .lol, that one reminds me of a rainy day. I love rainy days :P

    Nope, not yet :/ UGH! I cant make up my mind on what I want! I was definitely getting that then my mind went CRAZY - "Should I save for something I really want? After all I dont have a lot of money. . .but that is so cute, it's PERFECT! I need something for this weekend, on the plane. Well, didn't my bf say he was going to get me new luggage? My parents owe me $200. But I need something to travel with next weekend. OMG."

    Heh. Or something like that. But it's too late to get it now, it wouldn't get here in time for next weekend. But I'm definitely still getting SOMETHING for the summer and I'll keep you posted!

    [edit] Here we go -


    SO perfect with those pockets! It even has a tag like luggage, lol.
  13. since you are using it to travel I would go with black