Summer 2012 Moms! (Due in June, July, or August)

  1. Oh my god, you poor ladies!!! I can not imagine the stress that both of you must be feeling! I must stop complaining about my aches and pains as I really have had a very easy time. Best wishes for both of you xoxo!!!

    Update from me : Had another ultrasound yesterday, 36 weeks + 1 day, and baby is only up to 5.8 pounds from 5.4 pounds 2 weeks ago. So didn't put on too much weight and hubby is not pleased. Will see what Doc has to say on Friday, maybe I will be on bed rest too although I think that weight is completely everage?
  2. ^ Thanks, this too shall pass. Yes I broke down yesterday w/ these stress...all the medicines and bed rest issues, I told my husband Im getting tired...just tired, My only prayer now is that incase the pops out anytime, she will be healthy in all aspects...that's all.
    Hey! 5.8 isnt bad!!!! I think that's a good one, as long as it's healthy, and those are the one's that's easier to push via vaginal delivery...
  3. Thanks ladies. I too, am hoping it will pass. I guess I can't help but compare being pregnant with my little boy. It was such a non eventful pregnancy. No pains, aches, bleeding etc. I even worked up until 10 days before he was born.

  4. Exactly w/ my first born....reached full term w/o any complications. The hardest part was the pushing alone, that's it.
  5. Well, ladies looks like I am gonna have a May baby instead of June baby. My Doctor sent me for a non-stress-test today and although baby is doing well they want to induce me on Monday since there hasn't been any growth in the last 2 weeks. Needless to say that I am freakin out alittle bit here and am worried about being induced!!! Anyone have any positive experiences to share pls?

  6. that the way it is if the baby does not grow in two weeks????
    looks like Im headed in the same direction shux!!! I remember doc asked me to be back in exactly 2weeks for the same test...
    so it means that although the baby is fine but not growing well they will induce the mother?
    but not via ceasarian right?
  7. Not personal experience but my SIL was induced for 3 of her 4 babies. Was smooth sailing. Relatively short labours ( think round that 4-6 hour mark from time waters broke) . No tips, tears etc. mum and baby all well!!!
  8. I don't think this neccessarily applies to all cases. I did have some other abnormal test results (low papp-a and uterine artery notch) early on so they have been monitoring me closely. My blood pressure is up alittle but everything else looks ok. Doc just thinks since I am so close to term that it is best to induce now while baby is still doing well and instead of waiting until baby is actually considered IUGR.

    This makes me fell better, thank you!!!!
  9. WOW cbrooke!! First!!
  10. O I see...
    yes 36 weeks is just awesome babe you're almost there!...stay calm doc's knows best!
    Wishing you all the best in every way!
  11. Outfit sorted for my baby shower. Poor sales assistant - having an enormous sweaty woman (me) "Make me look less pregnant!! No LESS pregnant!!"

    Ended up with a longline tee, leggings, some Hermes bracelets and Louboutins (I just dont care what anyone says about high heels any more!)
  12. Your outfit sounds gorgeous!

    And you're right, who cares what anyone else thinks. As long as you are comfy!
  13. Also got nice pyjamas for the hospital, and baby bags one each for my husband and myself. Definitely took my mind off the issues around me.
  14. Im 33 weeks today and on my second week of complete bed rest minus decent sleep....will be going back for another check up on the 24th to see baby's growth, I have no idea how I survived last week, I still feel tired no matter what, Im stressed out w/ my condition. I wish I was full term already!
  15. ^good luck at your Doctors visit.

    I just packed some Newborn size diapers into my hospital bag and it really truly freaked me out....they are sooooo tiny! I can't believe that my baby is probably going to be born at under 6 pounds :sad: