Summer 2010 H sale in Paris

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  1. I know that it's way too early for that, however I'm planning my trip to Europe in June and it would be great to be in Paris during the infamous sale! Does anyone know the exact dates yet? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. last year the Amsterdam sale started on my birthday (June 15) - not sure if the sales in Paris are at the same time, but my bet would be somewhere between the 2nd week and the end of June.
  3. The Paris sale is to my knowledge usually the first week of the official Paris sales week. Don't know if the official dates for the Paris summer sales are out yet. Last year the dates for the H Paris sales were Wednesday June 24-Saturday June 27.
  4. I my just have to plan a trip to paris this june to check out the sales!
  5. Hopefully someone will be able to update the dates of the sale soon so that I can plan my trip...;)
  6. I am planning going H sale this summer too. Please update the location and dates if anyone knows. thanks.
  7. wish the date is out soon too....

    I am planning this year as I missed last year...
  8. I have just check with the Paris staff and it mayb held in end of June. But it will only be confirm in May. Hope it helps....
  9. Thanks, Florentyna. Could you please come back comfirm us in May?
  10. My tickets are all booked, hopefully I can make the sale with 2 weeks+ in Europe! :smile:
  11. I would love to go as I'm sure I can't be in Paris for Artcurial auction, but I have to plan vacation within March at work...I'll get a free week mid - end of June!
  12. i would like to go as well. hopefully i can make it to the right date since i am planning a business trip around it! yikes, that tells you how professional I am about my work, doesn't it!?
  13. We promise we won't tell on you, hanyeu! :P
  14. I just stumbled upon a website according to which summer 2010 sales in Paris begin Wednesday, June 30th and end Tuesday, August 3rd. Here is the link:

    I'm wondering if Hermes sale will start on June 30th as well... I would hate to miss it by a few days! Hopefully a French speaking tpf memeber will be able to check with FSH in April - would be really appreciated.
  15. just keeping this thread alive - hopefully we'll get an update on dates soon..