Summer 2008 Lookbook Update ~~NEW Releases !!


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Sep 25, 2006
Hi everyone,

Got a peek at the Summer 2008 lookbook....a few new things soon to be released !! Bear with me, as I sort thru my tired memory, and sorry if some of this info is repetitious, but I will try my best to recall...

The New Vernis Alma in 2 sizes:
By now we already know they will be released in the colors Pomme, Amarante and Violette. Expect price point to be over 2K.
Tentative release date : June

Neverfull in Crocodile
This will be released this summer and will come in 2 sizes.
Very pricey, of course. Still looks unstructured, but then again it is the slouchy Neverfull bag. I'm sure the lining will be better than the original, lol.

Crocodile Lockit
Simply gorgeous. Simply out of my price range, lol....


Set to be released at the Murakami Exhibit in Brooklyn. 2 different textiles, a coated canvas and a denim similar to LV's lichen denim. This new pattern will have various bags and a Pegase 50. The Speedy is in canvas and the size will be a Speedy 35....(wish it were a 30 !!!!). One of the denim canvas styles is called Treilles (sp?) I can't recall if its the small or large duffle or shoulder bag....(June 1st)

Ok, for those of you who missed out on the Sprouse leopard cashmere scarves (myself included)...Another scarf will be released in the Monogramoflauge pattern just like the Sprouse ones with the pattern and the "Louis Vuitton" spelled out across the bottom. Tentative price around $700. Pretty if you LVoe that camo pattern and green !!

There will be a camoflauge bandeau as well and a belt in this pattern. I'm not sure if these pieces will be available in ALL stores. Only select ones and at the Museum (lucky NYers, you know who you are !!)
I've heard rumours of other accessory pieces like iphone case, bracelets, etc, but perhaps these other goodies are Brooklyn only pieces.

There will be a new set of Vernis? Rond key holder/bag charms....they are round like the previous pieces, but what I recall the colors are darker...amarante, violette, possibly a pomme. I guess its another re-issue or re-release, but I can't be 100% exact.

New Pastilles bracelet in pastel Watercolors!

Remember the Charms Baroque line ?? They will have watercolor pastels in the Baroque hair accessory and Baroque necklace. See for the description of these pieces, they weren't readily available in all stores before.

Do you remember the Multicolore Shirley ? This was discontinued last year,
but there is an incredibly adorable new MC that is going to be released called the "Kate" (after Kate Moss). Imagine this....take the Eva pochette, imagine it in white MC, GOLD trim, NO vachetta, and a teeny L'Inventeur plate on the front....that's the new Kate.....I LVoe it, and the price point is fab....$520. This is a WRIST bag, it has a gold wrist strap, and traditional red lining. No black...but that's ok, the white is TDF.

New Mens Jewelry is something like Plissée ?? I can't remember exactly....anyway, its very simple, just silvertone matte (looks like the texture of un-polished pewter) and black colored cord for the necklace and bracelet.

No current info on the F/W bags, I will know more after the Trunk Show.

Sorry if this info isn't 100% accurate, I only remembered these things because they really caught my eye !!


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Sep 25, 2006
Ooooh, the Kate sounds very nice! Thanks TravelBliss! Do you know if the Kate is a Limited Ed or not?

Ooh, I've been wanting a MC piece to use as a wristlet. This may be it. I want tos ee photos now. Will this be limited?

Thanks for the info.

The Kate is supposedly being released June 1st.
One shot deal.

how did the alma look

It looked big and shiny. I imagine vernis will make this a very "stiff" bag, but will hold it's shape very well. Are you getting one?