Summer 2007 Tokidoki clothing

  1. ooo.. interesting..!
  2. oh gosh i cant wait for this print to come out!!!
  3. mmmMmMHMMm i think in another thread i saw the second one, but not the first. Hmm. Cool though :biggrin: i can't wait to get the cactus kitty shirt lolz.
  4. The second one looks sooo cute :P The candy cane does make it look wintery.
  5. I want the Sandy shirt! I wonder how long it will be before they hit stores.
  6. For my wallet's sake, I hope not yet. LOL.
  7. I saw both of those t-shirts at metropark last Friday. I thought maybe the first character (sandy/adios mix) would be on the transporto print.
  8. metropark had the rocketeer, candy can girl, cactus cat, and the devil girl one when I went the other day. the SA told me they just got the shirts in about 4 days before I went to the store :shrugs: they should be popping up online soonish

    I really want the piccolo one tho! so cute IMO :biggrin:
  9. Must go to metropark. I want to see all the other tee's. I want them all!!!
  10. i want both of those shirts! ahhh!!
  11. I need the 2nd one!!!
  12. I love the candy cane girl. :heart:
  13. ILOVETOKIDOKI posted the catalog pictures of 'em here
    The first is called Rocketeer and the second one is Candy Cane
    I WANT I WANT I WANT! :drool:
  14. I gotta have Sandy on the candy cane. She sure looks dif w/out her cactus suit! Can anyone who has this tshirt tell me how it fits? Will I be able to get an XL in it? Or is it still a tiny jr. fit? I'm a 36D so...I've refrained because the other ones were reportedly small so hopefully these will be bigger? Anybodyknow?
    I just need to lose 20 lbs!!!