Summer 2006 Print @ Loehmann's

  1. Hey All,

    I was at Loehmann's in Bridgewater, NJ yesterday and they had some of the prints from Summer 2006...

    In the green camo they had the backpack, ciao ciao, and duffel black they had the duffel bag. I think they were around $124.00? They also usually have all sorts of deals and stuff there if you open a charge or something along those lines.

    For those of you who aren't familliar with it, Loehmann's is like a discount department store...sort of like Century 21...if anyone is from NJ, or if you have one in your area, it might be worth a shot.

    the website is if you want to look for a location near you!
  2. my nearest one had the black and olive camo in scuola, luna, and bella bella. they even had one black original bella bella. they unfortunately don't send. the clerk said they had foresta a couple weeks ago but sold out :sad:
  3. omg FORESTA?!!! oh wow...i told my aunt about it cuz she loooovesss loehmann's....n always has many coupons
  4. It's so weird to me that the Foresta print has gone to places like Loehmanns and Century 21 but not the Lesportsux outlets :confused1:
  5. OMG! there's a loehmanns near me! i gotta go check later!!! haha ive always driven past there and been like "meh" - now im actually going inside! haha
  6. ^LOL, i always thought it was a store i wouldn't find anything in.. now i want to check it out! :]!!!
  7. ooo I'm so checking it out! I've actually never heard of loehmanns... but I looked it up and I see several locations near me! :yahoo: I'll let you ladies know if I find anything!

    just curious... wat is Loehmann's NEXXT? Is it like a youth one, kids one, etc?
  8. ahh if anyone finds a foresta campeggio please help me buy it! >_<
  9. oooooh i want a forest stellina!! :smile: help!!
  10. aww, i went to the only loehman's in san diego to find NOTHING of tokidoki :[ lol. at least it wasn't too far from where i live :x
  11. I know where i'm going tomorrow morning!!!
  12. That's why you named them Lesportsux tokijen!:rolleyes:
  13. hey youre on??????? yeah it does sux! :lol:
  14. my bf checked the one in irvine for me... it doesn't have anything :sad: haven't checked the laguna, huntington, or san marcos locations
  15. i believe all places that sell tokidoki will never exist in Ohio. Boo!