Summer '07 Accessories Collection on

  1. Just been to the Chloe website, for the first time in a while and the Summer Accessories Collection is up:


    I wasn't sure if anyone had posted about it, yet.

    Sorry if this is a repeat post and/or old news! :shame:

    Anyway, what do you think (particularly about the medium sized Paddies with the tiny padlocks)?
  2. Not bad!! I love the summer shoes, and particularly like the brown bag that's sort of a mix of a paddy and a hobo (#30)!
  3. i think the tiny padlocks are quite cute! and i'm sure it'll help bring the (infamous) weight of the paddy....not sure if it'll be as popular as the traditional paddy?
  4. chloehandbags: Thanks for posting this. I did not know that the summer collection was up.

    Mmmm....not bad. I kind of like one or two of the styles. :smile:
  5. I still like the classic paddington style better, but I can see that they are trying to get away from it and discover a new "it" bag. So far though, I am not tempted. The little locks are cute, but I think the ornamental lock is not as interesting as the real one that can actually lock the bag. (Even though I don't use it to lock the bag, I like the fact that it's a working lock:yes: ) The handbags that have actual locks, like the some of the early MJs and the Guccis, etc., and of course the paddys:heart: have always held my interest more than bags that just have the lock "for show." It will be interesting to see how these new ones sell...:p
  6. I was thinking about those tiny padlocks when i saw them on LVR... i'm not sure... not tempted to get them.

    But did you see slides 38 on for the summer 07 accessories collection? Can we say MARNI REBORN?? :wtf:
  7. I prefer Chloe classic style..And then great padlock of course!!! But I don't dislike this collection...

  8. No problem! :biggrin:

  9. Totally. :yes:

    I quite like the blue bird brooch; but, in general, if I'd wanted Marni, I'd have bought it, if you KWIM?! :shrugs:

    I quite like the Alice Chain Evening Clutch and I really like the Anais Chain Evening Pouch (both in leather, not python), though, especially if you can remove the chains, or tuck them inside. :biggrin:

    I'll have to have a look on LVR. :yes:

  10. I know what you mean - I also think the miniature locks are adorable, especially as they are stitched (unlike the ones on the clutches).

    But, it does seem a bit pointless to have a non-functioning lock on a bag...

    ...things should be useful and/or beautiful and is a miniature padlock, on a large bag, really either, I wonder? :shrugs:

  11. That's true and as someone who tends to avoid heavy bags, that is an advantage. :yes:

    I suppose it's a good compromise for people who end up removing the locks from their bags, because of the weight?

  12. Yes, it's an interesting shape, isn't it? :biggrin:
  13. I'm in love with the bonze paddy. If Spring is all about silver, then Summer will be all about Bronze.
  14. ^ I agree. :yes:

    The Bronze is a stunning colour. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. I, too, love that bronze hobo-esque Paddy and I think I just might get it if I can. Later.....MUCH later.