Sully vs Delightful vs Crossbody

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  1. I bought a Totally 3 years ago, and I sold it. I never was as in love w it as in the beginning. I work from home and wasn't using it. And I broke my elbow a year ago and went solely to cross bodies....I have had my eye on another LV. I have an MZ Wallace cross body and a Tory Burch as well... But, change is ok. I never zip my purses. So, I'm not sure if the Sully is worth it with the metal zipper and thicker strap. I need space between shoulder and bad. Do they hang low enough? I am a size 8/10 or medium and I live where I wear a winter coat in winter-bulge! Help?!

    Also, I put glasses, wallet, card holder, make up bag in bag. Don't need huge bag. Thx!
  2. Delightful pm perhaps? You can turn it into messenger style by adding a crossbody strap to its rings....
  3. Is there a strap that come w it?
  4. +1 I know Queenkattz has a review about this in youtube, you may wanna check that out.