Sully mm or the new Berri? Advice needed...

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  1. Hi, I hope it's ok to open a new thread asking for advice? I've been looking for a monogram shoulder bag and had narrowed my choice down to either the sully mm or the new berri. I like the look of Berri but am worry about the leather patches on the corners getting dirty easily. The sully is more carefree as it has minimum vachetta on the bag but it's being discontinued. Any advice? Thanks in advance. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460634621.831550.jpg Berri
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460634649.311448.jpg Sully mm
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  2. I think they are both great choices and both beautiful hobos. Buy the one you love most. I'm very careful with my bags, so I wouldn't let the corners on the Berrri deter me if I preferred that style. From the pic, the Berri appears to have more slouch. I don't think you can make a " bad" decision here, follow your heart!
  3. I prefer the sully as I would worry about the vachetta corners.

    Corner wear is inevitable on most handbags and the vachetta would just highlight it IMO.
  4. +1...both beautiful bags but I'm spoiled with the carefree sully...
  5. They are both beautiful! I have the Sully MM and I love it! The small amount of vachetta with the hobo style is what made me want it. It's honestly a throw on your shoulder and go kind of bag!

  6. Both bags slouch beautifully as the picture shown here and the many beautiful pictures that sully owners posted. Although I do take care of my bags but with three young kids it'll be prone to getting dirty in no time! I'm torn because I really do like the look of Berri, ...and sully (here we go again) lol, but thanks for your advice, I'll think really hard since I have two weeks to determine.

  7. Thanks for your input. That's my worry too and I generally do not like to use anything to treat the vachetta as I'm worry it wouldn't look good years down the road. I've been going through the sully clubhouse many times and the more I read the more confuse I get,

  8. @louisgyal37

    It is more carefree than Berri! That's why I tracked one down just in case. I once owned the Metis( bought it due to the minimum vachetta) but have returned because it doesn't slouch as pretty (for me anyway). I kept looking back and forth between the sully and Berri and even asked my kids to help me pick but still I can't made up my mind as yet ...
  9. Go for the Sully. My bestie has it and its her favorite bag! Its so carefree and chic at the same time.
  10. this Berri is sharp! it gets my vote ... just pretreat the vachetta with lovingmybags and all will be well
  11. I would go with Sully, but I hate hate hate marks on vachetta so the corners would not work for me on the other bag.
  12. I agree about the extra slouch on the berri, but I'm super nervous about vachetta so I would go with the SULLY!!!
  13. I had the same decision to make recently and chose the Berri only because it fit better under my arm. I am tall and got the GM. Not sure if the MM has more room under the arm as well. Good luck deciding. Both look great!
  14. I think the Berri is more interesting looking than the Sully. I had the Sully - and liked it - but sold it because it was just a bit boring, IMHO. The vachetta corners wouldn't bother me at all because I'm more of a fan of 'lived in' vachetta v. pristine.
  15. T ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460654613.457113.jpg this is what making me hesitate of getting the Berri although it does somewhat makes it a tad more interesting than sully.

    thanks everyone of your honest opinion. I'll post a picture of my pick once I made up my mind,