Sully-like bag in DE?

  1. Does anyone know the dimensions of the GM size of the not yet released Portobello?
  2. Thanks for ur explanation!:smile: but i'm just trying to decide which of these 2 bags to be my perfect ebene shoulder bag.:wondering
    what do u think if only can choose either 1?(will use it for travel n shopping time!!;))

    I'm dying to see the pics but i just can't go to the boutique right now due to my bunch of work..:crybaby: i wonder why u didnt take any spy pics to share? So that i wont be guessing from day til night during my work time.....LOL!:roflmfao: :giggles:
  3. I have a dear friend who got me the pics and size info!
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    I'm really loving this bag especially the GM with the 2 patch pockets...A huge plus for a Hobo ~ Thanks trumanfinn for sharing and thank your friend for us too. :balloon:
  5. Thank you trumanfinn (to your df also) for sharing the pic and the info :tup:
  6. Thanks for the info Trumannfinn !
    I was hoping for a new de tote !
    Guess I'll keep hoping !
  7. Wow, thanks for the look book deets on this! It's definitely got my interest!
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with this bag!!!:love: Guess it's my perfect ebene shoulder bag that i've been dreaming....Now i can have a good night sleep after seeing ur pic! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this bag!!! can't wait for the release date n see it in real! Thanks thankssss for sharing the pic!!!..:hugs:.. :smile:
  9. Thanks so much for posting!
  10. Thanks for posting the picture Truanfinn! Now that I see it, I think I need it!! :graucho:

    October seems a long way off though...

  11. Thank you trumanfinn! Your post has answered so many questions!
  12. Thanks Laura!

    I can't wait to see and try this IRL!!!
  13. Thanks so much for sharing the pic!

    For some reason I couldn't view it on my iPhone but logged into my computer and was able to see this LVoely bag. I am so excited!!
  14. Thank you for the pic!! I am really loving this bag so far. It's exactly what I have been looking for! And in the right price range too :smile: can't wait for this to be released!
  15. It doesn't show up on my iphone either, but if you click on the words in my post, the picture pops open! It's weird, but it works!