SuLi's children

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  1. I finally learned how to use the digital camera...woo-hoo! So, here are some of my children. I didn't post all of them because I got embarassed over the amount of bags I have amassed over the years.

    Here is the first set...commentary to follow at the end.

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  2. Can't wait to see the whole collection. Don't be embarrassed about how many bags you have. The more the better when it comes to bags!

    Can you list what the bags are when you post them? :biggrin:
  3. Lovely bags!! Can't wait to read the details about them.
  4. Nice, come on post the rest! Love the Vera totes.
  5. What a great variety!
  6. oo cute :biggrin: I have the larger pink/green stripe kate spade. Great bag!
  7. Great bags SuLi! c'mon, post the rest ... lol .. we'd love to see -- admire them!
  8. Great collection SuLi! I Love the MJs..oh oh.. I have vera bags too!!
    Don't be shy to post the rest of your bags..we would love to see them:love: :love: .
  9. Love the Marc Jacobs!!
  10. Okay, here bag description (sorry for some of the poor pictures):

    The first picture is of my Marc Jacobs collection: the Stella, Venetia, and hobo. I broke the leather strap on the hobo, so I tied a Hermes Twilly scarf (I interchange between a few) to keep the pushlock from unlocking while wearing. I would really love to add an original Stella, with the brass hardware (like the one that pseub has been admiring, and the plum one that youngprof has).

    The second picture is my Coach collection: I really love the tan tote because it's great for work. I've had the small white hobo for a while, but I'm thinking of off-loading that on eBay soon since I've never really used it. I used it twice (I think) feels like such a waste just sitting there collecting dust.

    The third picture is my Kate Spade collection: My favorite is the modish-KS Twiggy tote (I think it's the Noel Trench pattern) and the little matching Opus bag. I love Kate Spade, but items that are more unique in her collection. I love the Turquoise color Rue from the Bexley collection...always get compliments because it's such a vibrant color. Not pictured is a Kate Spade messenger bag....plain, black from the nylon line. It was my first KS purchase from years ago.

    The fourth picture is a random mix: The yellow leather and canvas tote and green wristlet thingy are from BCBG...both of which I'm thinking of putting on eBay soon too. I feel guilty for having so many things, but not using them. I bought both of them last year, but used both maybe a handful of times. The long black frame bag is from Banana Republic...I love that bag, use it quite frequently. The black and pink clutch with the silver chain is from Buzz by Jane Fox; and the black clutch with gold hardware is another Kate Spade.

    The fifth picture is my Vera Bradley collection. I know a lot of people on the forum hate Vera, but I like them :P any way. I also have a large blue travel bag from the line that is not pictured.

    I will try to post some of my other things soon. My mom and I share bags so, there are some things that I would like to show, but they are at home.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my collection!
  11. Two more pictures for now...

    The first is my Longchamp and Herve Chapelier collection. Clearly, I have a weakness for the Longchamp totes :shame:. I love them so much - great price and value for the quality of the bags. I've been collecting them since college.

    The second picture is my of Prada bags. They are a bit wrinkled because I don't really use them that often. The larger tote cost me about $350 when I purchased it years ago, and it definitely has not held up. The leather straps are peeling, although the body of the bag is fine.

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  12. Very beautiful girls...and well loved too! Great collection!!
  13. i love your collection! i really like your coach pleated hobo and all of your kate spades. the color of your mj stella is gorgeous
  14. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Love the kate spades you have. I'm a big kate spade fan but I like either the real plain designs or really funky ones, nothing in between. It makes my BF want to pull his hair out of his head.
  15. Here's my blue Epi Speedy 25. I won this on eBay a few weeks ago, and I'm on the fence about it. I won the Speedy 30, in the same color, first but decided that it was too big for me. The seller has a no return policy, so I exchanged it for the Speedy 25, thinking that my hesitation about the bag would go away. I got it back yesterday, and I love the Speedy shape, but something about it still bothers me. I still need to get it authenticated, and will do it tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will grow on me; otherwise, I may sell it on eBay. What do you guys think?

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