Scarves Sulfures?

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  1. Does anyone own "Sulfures" in a carre? Muffin is getting the old "itchy paw" (as if she didn't do ENOUGH damage already) and keeps hunting for this design without success.

    Just need to know if I should break the bad news to her..........or if, should happen to pop up.

    (and she'd REALLY love to see some pics if anyone has any......:yes:)
  2. Can I just have muffin? Fed ex her, you can visit when you come east.
  3. I think I have a pic, let me check. I have the bracelet, which I love, and got curious about the original design.
  4. There it is!

    Attached Files:

  5. ^^^Lately I've been having to ask what DON'T you own, chickster?
  6. GAH!!!!!!! THAT'S IT, ICECHICK! So, it DOES come in the regular size scarf. I thought it was only the pochette size. What about other colors?
  7. This should be interesting. Everybody, Avandome is allergic to cats!! And we all know what happens when she has to take her antihistamines!!!!:P
  8. Lol, that scarf is not mine. I just own the bracelet and am currently not taking questions on how many they are :shame:
  9. Rotflmao!!!!!!
  10. Ok, I copied this from somewhere but have forgotten the source:

    Sulfures-designed by Cathy Latham, issued in 1979
  11. I dont own one. If you want the version in 90cm silk twill, (see below), it might be hard but not impossible. As far as I know, it hasnt been issued since it first came out about 27 yrs ago.

    HOWEVER, it did come out as a Detail 90cm, pochette, and mouselline shawl since then

  12. For That kitty....I am willing to be on antihistamines everyday, for the rest of my life, you muffin!
  13. ^^^Question is, can WE handle it?
  14. I have a blue Sulfures 90 cm....I'll find it and post. I nearly bought the pink one up recently but wasn't sure about the color...I love the blue one.
  15. I see your point:wtf:....O.K.,.....the muffin, more:nogood: