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  1. sukey in black leather is available for preorder online but it is available in vegas. since there is no gucci store in the state of mn where i live should i go ahead and order from Vegas or should i preorder and wait?
  2. if its available in vegas and at the end of the day it will cost the same as waiting for the pre-order then definitely get it from vegas.
  3. Yep, Vegas has them in the medium size in black. I can tell you that the medium black Sukey on display in the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace looked shop worn* so I would suggest you not get that one. Ask for one from the back.

    * The GGs in the front were noticeably smoother than the rest of the bag.
  4. Get it now from vegas. I acn never wait!
  5. um, get it from Vegas and have it overnighted. i can never wait more than 24 hrs, unless my friend is shipping from London. Good Luck!