Sukey Leather bags

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  1. So I am still on the search for my first Gucci and debating about the canvas and the leather. I decided to pass on the duilio boston that i posted earlier and found 2 that I like:

    What are your thoughts on these two? Will the leather (esp the red bag) have any color tranfer to clothes or is there a risk of clothes color transfer to the bag?
  2. I'm not sure about color transfer but I really like the Red Guccissima...seen this bag @ NM and it's GORGEOUS!
  3. I own a canvas sukey and I love it :smile: I have the large tote and I like the shape of it. The large tote is kind of big though, so you might want to get the medium. I love the color of the top handle you chose more because it is more neutral and classic, but I prefer the totes shape :smile:
  4. I have not seen any of them in person so I am strictly going by the pictures on gucci, nm and Saks. The nearest Gucci retailer is Saks and that is 2 hours away. :o(
  5. I like the canvas too, I was not sure how the canvas holds up.
  6. I prefer the top handle because of both the shape and the color, and it's more unique. Whenever I tried the Sukey leather bag in person, the leather just didn't wow me, but the red color is pretty.
  7. I took some pics for you comparing the sukey large tote to a speedy 40 and a neverfull gm in size :smile: I think the canvas is holding up well, but then again I'm not rough on my bags.
    image-2209421277.jpg image-1505063848.jpg image-1623827827.jpg image-1703062066.jpg
  8. I too love the top handle shape as well :smile: I'm interested in getting that sukey as well. The tote just makes a statement though :smile:
  9. Thanks so much for doing the pics comparison..I really appreciate it as it gives me an idea about the size! I have a speedy 30 so I think the large Sukey may be a little too big but I am starting to like my bigger bags (Tivoli GM and Verona MM). Do you find the large too big?
  10. No problem :smile:
    I love the large because it compliments my stature more than the medium (I'm 5 ft 10 and a little heavyset). Also, I am a college student so it's more conducive to my lifestyle. Essentially, it is the same size as a speedy 40. If you think it's a little too big, then maybe medium is the way to go although I'm not sure about being able to carry the medium on your shoulder. I am pretty sure that the tote you posted was a large because I think that the medium is in the area of 1400, whereas the large guccisima tote is 16-1700 :smile:
  11. Gucci canvas is similar to LV's, IMO, been having both brands for many years and both proven aging gracefully LOL I love canvas but Guccissima leather is TDF tho generally anything and any color in Guccissima line is just gorgeous....yet have to say, I really like the deep red sukey guccisima leather ;)
  12. I like the red guccissima leather tote. It's a classic style and the color is gorgeous. Good luck deciding.