Suits ?

  1. I'm not a huge fan of suits, the worst time for me to wear a suit, is in the Summer, i will avoid it if i can. I have never really liked the look of Spring/ Summer suits, but sometimes i have to wear one if i have formal meetings etc...

    I have found some great Winter suits though, that i love.

    Is it necessary for you to wear a suit everyday for work ?

    What do you think of these suits ?

    Judging by your response from the recent Look of The Day: Androgynous Cool I think lots of you will be excited for this Spring Peek. Menswear inspired suiting was a prevalent look on the runways and I think it was refreshing and sharp at the same time. Whether deconstructed or perfectly tailored, like at Chloe (pictured here), The New Suits are as empowering for women as ever before. Move over boys!

    (L-R: Bill Blass, Ann Demeulemeester, Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, Chanel)
  2. Being in grad school I mainly have to wear suits for travel - conferences, etc., and to go to meetings off campus, but I love them & if I end up teaching will probably wear a lot of suits.

    I only wear pants suits, not skirt suits & it just seems to make life a lot more simple that trying to put together an outfit and look professional.

    My "default outfit" is a black suit with a fine gauge sweater set. During the day I wear the suit with the shell sweater. to go to the bar or dinner, I replace the jacket with the sweater & add makeup, accessories & sexier shoes.

    I probably own at least a dozen suits with & I would not mind having a job where I was expected to wear a suit every day -- other than the dry cleaning bills!
  3. I'm an attorney, so I wear suits on a semi-regular basis (more than I would like, believe me!). I could never fathom wearing shorts as part of a suit!!!! Or any skirt that was so short!!!! However, love love love that last look (and the green one was cute). If I worked in a different industry or something, I would totally be sporting shorter stuff and those shorts are really supercute!

    ps-- I am in Mississippi, so its uber old-school here as far as being formal! :sad: poo!
  4. I loove smart suits on women, but only in professional settings really. I hope to wear some sleek tailored suits when I'm working, probably as an attorney.
  5. When I used to work as a consultant, I wouldn't wear suits all the time. Most days I would wear a sweater with either dress pants or a pencil skirt. I might pull out a full suit for a meeting, interview, or a first day with a new client. And I would NEVER consider wearing formal shorts at work. If you feel it is too hot during the summer time for pants, try wearing structured pencil skirts.. they are more appropriate than shorts, even if they are formal shorts. They are more comfortable, as well :smile:
  6. Thankfully no. Although I am an attorney, most big law firms in my city are business casual now, including mine. I only have to wear suits to depositions, certain client meetings, and court.