1. What does everyone think about brown suits for business/interview. I'm about to invest in a suit since I'll be graduating from college next semester.

    I'm really not a fan of black suits since I tend to accessorize with brown. Navy, I feel, looks horrible on me. Is brown an acceptable color choice, or would I be better off going with a charcoal color?

  2. I would say going into a more professional role a black suit would be your best bet. A crisp, clean, back suit. Brown would be suitable in the spring and when you have the job. I think Black makes more of a statement IMO.



    See, I'm not sure if this is the brown you're thinking but I think Black has more boldness to it.
  3. I always thought black or dark navy blue would the better color for interview. I agreed that brown is more of after you have the job. Good luck!
  4. I would choose the gray over brown...
  5. i think a black or dark navy suit with thin pinstripe is crisp and polished without being too harsh or plain.
  6. I would also recommend gray if you are not into black. It's a bit more classic color than brown for interviews.
  7. Unless you are interviewing for a very conservative investment banking firm or a conservative law firm, I think brown is definitely acceptable for a job interview. Browns and grays are definitely becoming more acceptable substitutes for black and navy. Plus, if you already have the appropriate accessories and feel more comfortable in brown, then go for it. You'll be more confident during your interview if you are wearing what you like. A good fitting suit made of quality material is more impactful than the color as long as it's gray, charcoal, brown, navy, black or pinstriped. JCrew's suits are usually a great investment - a timeless fit (single breasted, 2-4 buttons) and high quality fabric (wool). I really hate those cheap stretchy suits at Express, Limited, etc. Good luck!
  8. Brown would be acceptable for an interveiws. I think you should stay away from colors lielk white, tan , beige, colors of that nature.
  9. I personally think that black suit is the most professional and serious color for suits. Black is your best bet.
  10. I think it can vary. Personally, a basic dark brown suit in anything other than linen harks back to the '70s too much for me, but I'd say a tweed with brown in it or a brown knit suit would look nice. But I'd agree with most of the above. For an interview, gray would be safest.
  11. I think brown is okay, but I'm no authority on the matter. I like the suit you linked. I need to check out J Crew for suits. They seem to have a lot of petites.
  12. I just bought a elie tahari suit in brown. The color is actually very dark brown, almost black so I think it's a good color for interviews. You should definitely check out elie tahari and theory. A good suit is an investment.
    The jcrew suit from that link looks nice, btw.
  13. I would pick grey over brown.
  14. ^I agree with somme of the posters here, if you don't like black or navy, try grey over brown, it's a little more formal