1. Hey all! I'm going new suit shopping this weekend. What style should I get? Or should I even consider a skirt suit?

    I'm looking for something versatile yet still stylish. But I got to keep is very professional and not too trendy. Here is my built:

    Small Asian lady :p
    - 5'1
    - Athletic built
    - small (24 waist and 34 bust)

    Not sure what kind of style I should look out for and colors? I hear dark gray is the new black this season. And weather or not I should do wool or tweed. I want something that stands out but still really sleek.

    Look 1:

    Look 2:

    Look 3:


    Look 4:

  2. I love #2 and #4, I think #4 would be good to make you look taller with the vertical pinstripes. What designer is it?
  3. i like look 1 the best. although i am so boring when it comes to suits. i usually go the more classic pieces.
  4. The pinstripe is Armani. Should I consider wide leg too?

    Whoops can't believe I misspelled whether. =$
  5. Oh and PS these suits are mainly for interview purposes. I have 3 interviews next week with huge fortune 500 companies and I'm nervous and heck so I definitely want to put my best foot forward and dress to impress. :biggrin:
  6. I'd like number 2 if the skirt was shorter (like right above the knee). For your proportions that longer skirt would not work IMO.
  7. Number 2.
    For your small waist, it will pull you in and create a cute look:biggrin:
  8. 1 and 4 and you would get aLOT of wear out of 1. Mix and match.
  9. I like #1 - so classic and you can't go wrong with that.
  10. To dress to impress, you can't go wrong with #1. I love them all but I am just not feeling the last one.
  11. I decided to go with number 1. I got a really nice dark crisp suit. I figured I could always make it more sleek and corporate with just a nice crisp white blouse under or "spice" it up by putting a silk or patterned/striped blouse under.

    Thanks ladies!

    Since we're on the subject of suits, what other great suits styles are out there that may not have been mentioned?
  12. Good choice with #1. Definetely a classic type of suit that would work well in a more conservative work environment. Another option is a skirt with a jacket that is not short sleeved like #2. That way you can mix up the jacket, skirt, and pants together.
  13. Of the ones posted, I like the look of #3 the most (Alexander McQueen, isn't it?). I think that if you work in a professional environment, then the fit of #1 would be best, but if you could find it in pinstripes similar to #4, that would be fantastic. I think that #2 would be a very bad decision if you are looking for something classic to continue wearing to work. It's cute, but it just seems to "ladies who lunch," if you understand what I mean. It's not at all work-appropriate. I do think that skirt suits are nice though, and don't see anything wrong with women wearing them to work, but that particular one is a little too trendy, and not work appropriate IMO.
  14. No. 1
  15. My favorite is #2! But I think #1 is by far a classic!