Oct 26, 2006
Where do you girls buy your suits for your workplace? the reason i ask is because i am currently trying to get a job (been off work for a looooong time!)..
i really need something sharp but cant afford couture at the moment... i just need something smart, not black (i really need to step away from the black, its all i wear) that will look professional, positive and get me the job!! (suits do that right?)

baring in mind that these will be professional interviews.


Feb 8, 2007
I don't like to break the bank on work clothes, though I like to look good.

I get my suits from Victoria Secret. I love the fact that you can mix and match. Also I am 5'1" and always have to spend extra $$ to get my pants altered, but VS sells their pants in 3 different lengths so to me that is an added bonus.

Pants are about $70 and Jackets go for about $130 so you can get a suit for $200 that is a deal!!

la miss

May 4, 2007
I bought my "staple" suits from JCrew. They are great quality for the money and you can buy separates which is great because you can get the jacket, trousers and skirt and it's almost like having two different suits.


Feb 6, 2007
I buy my suits at Banan Republic or Nordstrom. BR has a bunch of lightweight wool suits that can be worn all year and the fabric is of high quality. The only issue I have had is with the black which got shiney after a few months. Their suits have outlasted everything else I've tried.

Nordstrom also makes a lot of nice suits. I usually buy them from their house labels (i.e., Semantiks, Classiques, etc.). They come in a lot of fabric and cuts. They also usually have both pants and a skirt with each jacket. The Point of View department has the least expensive suits. I like the ones in Individualists but they cost more.

Ann Taylor was running a $50 off suits special last weekend. Not sure if it's still going one. I have bought some and they look nice but I had to replace the two I bought after 4-6 months.

I know JCrew also have nice suits. They just don't fit me well so I can't comment on the quality.


Apr 11, 2007
I second the Victoria's Secrets for suits. I buy a lot of my suits there and the quality is good for the price. The seasonless stretch jackets hold up really well and you can do a lot of mixing and matching. They also come out with various skirt designs with nice details (a ribbon with a bow at the top of the back slit, seaming details, etc.). I like a little variety and femininity in my suits.

Ann Taylor and Banana Republic are also good, although very strictly business like. I often have to have pieces altered to fit properly, where the VS suits are more hourglass-fitted. Does that make sense?

Good luck!