SUITS - Season 6

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  1. Season 6 begins this Wednesday, July 13, 1016 @ 9/8c on USA network.
  2. Can't wait!

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  3. Tonight!!!!
  4. I can't imagine where this is going- it will be interesting to see, I kind of feel this has jumped the shark.
  5. I didn't care for tonight's episode. I found the background music over the top and too manipulative in many of the scenes. The scenes with Jessica and Harvey, et al didn't seem very believable. The ending, however, was an interesting twist
  6. I don't know how I feel about Suits anymore. I used to really like it, now I seemed to have lost interest. I haven't even finished watching season 5 after they took a mid season break.
  7. The ending of tonight's episode was good although I had some sort of suspicion as to why the supposed cellmate was so friendly and insisted he use the phone. Not sure how I feel about the whole thing going on at the firm. It was nice to see the scene with Rachel and Harvey but that doesn't replace the chemistry between Harvey and Mike.
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  8. I actually enjoyed the scenes of Mike settling into prison, and I liked the ending. The scenes at the firm were a little far fetched though I thought.
  9. The entire prison portion was unbelievable. None of Mike's interactions with the officials seemed realistic. For some reason I don't think he would be at a high security prison like this for his crime (even Joe Gudice went to the prison on the Army base in NJ. Prison camps are for his type of crime. And for someone supposedly so smart, are we to believe that he fell for the whole cellmate thing? Even I was laughing at the roommate's schtick. I don't believe for a minute the "I'm already here for 5 more years, what more can they do to me, so i have a cellphone?!?!?" Bull. And his first hours in prison, he is breaking the rules? ha.
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  10. maybe because Mike was exposed?? i certainly liked it a lot better when he was a "lawyer" and working on cases w/harvey and the rest.
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  11. I guess they're kind of playing up on how Mike's naïve but I agree, I didn't think he'd go into prison with his guard completely down as they showed. We'll see how this plays out during this week's episode.
    I miss the interactions between him and the rest of the cast, but I saw the teaser for this week's episode and am looking forward to it.
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  12. Hopefully, Mike will outwit a few inmates. That and the interactions with Harvey make the show for me too.
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  13. Disappointed with the second episode. Wonder if the writers were changed.
  14. Tonight's episode was better than the previous ones this season. I still find the episodes somewhat surreal. Anyone else still watching?
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  15. Surreal definitely sums it up but than again it's television and is meant to be entertaining. I have a couple good friends studying/practicing law so they love to highlight and address all the fictitious elements. Other than that I definitely feel as if the show is interesting and I love the comedic relief in between all the drama and suspense.
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