Suits on USA

  1. I knew his friend would become irate when he found out Mike was dating his ex girlfriend. Its going to be a great season 2 premier!
  2. I never liker Trevor from the gecko. That was a really good cliffhanger. Cant wait till summer 2012! Crap a year!
  3. Yes, he is shady and dangerous. At some point you have to reevaluate the people you have in your life, Mike has guilt issues.
  4. that was obvious, but i didnt think he would take it so far. whatever happened to a good ole punch in the face? lol! yeah mike 'stole' jenny from trevor, but how do you mess with someone elses life like that?
  5. This show was great from pilot to season finale. Ep 11 might be my favorite.

    Louis' scenes with Donna and Jessica were awesome!
  6. ^That scene was really good between Louis & Donna. I love Donna. Does she love Harvey now?! Mike technically did not steal Jenny from Trevor. Trevor left and they broke up after she figured he was no good. Mike does have guilt issues but I feel that is because he had no body but Trevor and they are/were bros for life. Mike also needs to go visit his grammy.

  7. Strong female characters are one of the reasons why I love Suits. Other reasons include Harvey and writing. :greengrin:

    I think there was some mutual attraction between Donna and Harvey in the very beginning. Donna opted not to go down that road because she probably knew that it wouldn't end well for neither of them. Maybe that's the reason why Harvey values her so much because she didn't fall in his bed like everyone else.

    Donna. Louis and the tickets :roflmfao:




  8. Anyone else thinking Trevor is not going to spill Mike's secret just yet? It seems that would be something he could hold over Mike's head to get something from him. I think he is going to tell a minor secret like a prior drug conviction or something like that. I can't believe we have to wait a year to see it again!!!! I love this show.

  9. -i wonder what was up with the can opener ritual? lol!
    -i agree, mike hasnt visited his grandma since like the pilot or maybe an episode after that as well.
    -i think after harvey, donna is my fave character on the show! you have to hand it to USA, they are pretty good at picking shows with stellar casts!
  10. ^I was wondering about the can thing too. Maybe beers before the beginning of a trial? That was cute when they "made-up" again. In a way, Harvey is nothing without Donna.

    BTW, qudz, your avatar is so cute.
  11. that was pretty cute.. they have a great dynamic!
    and thanks!
  12. Yes, good show!
  13. Premiere of second season is tonight!
  14. Woohoo! I'm excited for the new season!
  15. Great episode! I hope Mike gets his revenge on Trevor. Though the return of Hardman doesnt look like a very interesting angle.

    I love Harvey and Donna's dynamic!!