Suits on USA

  1. Suits fandom on Tumblr is growing and have to say most of them are obsessed with MIke/Harvey pairing. LOL
  2. ive really enjoyed the episodes of this show so far!
  3. Is anyone watching this show? I really like it!!
  4. harvey specter is soo yummy!!! i think hes my new fav on the usa network, which is saying something, considering i think peter and neal from WC are hot, shawn and gus from psych are pretty cute, and michael weston and some other guy from burn notice are prtty good looking.
  5. ^I love Neal as well but Harvey is the Man. ;) His banter with Donna and Jessica is priceless.

    The show is really entertaining, jokes are not cheap, music is really great. It doesn't hurt everyone is dressed to the nines. :p
  6. ITA! This is currently my favorite. Harvey is TDF! This show's witty, smart and smooth.

  7. while watching, my mom totally called me out for smiling at the tv when harvey was on lol
  8. LOL, are we speaking of some creepy manips? *shudder*


    Hubby isn't amused with me watching the show. Has nothing to do w/Harvey though. He said, "Another lawyer show?!!!" LOL, he thinks I have issues watching all these legal shows on tv. :p

    So I replied, "Well, should I start watching more crap tv like reality shows? How's about I take up 'Jersey Shore'?"

    That shut him really quickly. :lol:
  9. I really like this show too. It's very entertaining. I'm definitely a fan!
  10. this is the show i look forward to seeing every week right now. i'm loving the relationship between mike and harvey, the snappy dialogue, and the uber sharp wardrobe. here's hoping it gets renewed.

  11. hehehe not yet but I'm sure that will happen sooner or later. :cool: A lot of them are major shippers of Eric and Magneto from X Men: First Class so everything is possible :roflmfao:

    LOL :tup:
  12. :nuts: :lol:
  13. :bump:

    I really like this show, I think I'm hooked. I love Harvey's suits and his hair. But these 2 past episodes, his hair is no longer slick and the suits aren't as good as the first few episodes (other than that I have no complaints lol). I love the chemistry between Harvey and Mike.

    USA Network has the best shows with some really awesome characters.

    I wonder what Louis has done in the past at the firm (be an @$$)?
  14. i think his hair looks better. it looked so unnatural and helmet-like in beginning. i still think his suits look great.

    rachel is beginning to bug me. i'd love more donna. she's awesome.
  15. Slick Harvey was kind of unusual in the beginning but he's got some retro vibe around him - he likes jazz, blues, old cars - so IMO that hairstyle fits him well.

    BTW show has been renewed and the 2nd season will have 16 episodes like White Collar.