Suits on USA

  1. Anyone watch this last night? For some reason I love TV shows based on bromances. The characters were good but some of the stuff that happened was a little silly.

    The scene where they are doing research in the library really made me laugh. Who does manual research anymore?

    I feel like they are making a show that's a cross between Psych and Royal Pains.
  2. I liked the show very much. Especially Harvey Specter because he's really entertaining character. He and Mike have good chemistry that reminds me of Neal and Peter from White Collar. I loved Donna, the assistant and Jessica, the boss.

    Sure, some things are silly and impossible like Mike reading hundreds of files during one night. I'm a fast reader but it would take me a day or two to go through all those files.
  3. I loved it! I loved all the characters, and the writing. I think maybe he could have read all that last night, I'm just thinking of Spencer's char on Criminal Minds who does the same thing.
    I'm looking forward to this season!
  4. I think it's going to be another fun summer series like Royal Pains- I liked it!
  5. I'm a fan. I think its a great show and I love their chemistry.
  6. I'm enjoying it. I like it's humor and have been very entertained so far!
  7. I like this one too!
  8. i am enjoying it so far. it'll be interesting how sh!t hits the fan if and when the firm finds out that mike isn't a harvard law student. did he even graduate from college? i'm loving the sharp, impeccably tailored suits he and spencer are sporting.
  9. I can't get past the central premise that a dude who never went to law school somehow by some stretch of the imagination and logic would end up working at a prominent law firm.

    oh and the whole test taking thing bothered me as well; security around LSAT examinations is tight nowadays.

    who does manual research these days?
  10. I really love this show. It's so witty and funny. Harvey is my favorite and apparently all of his suits are by Tom Ford.
  11. I also LOVE this show. Just watched the first 4 episodes in one sitting! As a lawyer (sounds like some of you are as well) I find myself scoffing or rolling my eyes at some scenes/plot lines but it's a total guilty pleasure. Can't wait for the next episode! (And Jessica wears the BEST suits!)
  12. ^I love Jessica's style and it's nice to see a female character as a top manager in male dominated field of work. :tup:
  13. I have to bump this...This is my favorite show right now!

    Great cast and chemisty, smart and funny writing, good character development. I love Harvey -- witty and smooth. Mike as the underling is terrific. Kudos to USA Networks.
  14. I wasn't sure of this show at first but its growing on me! I love Harvey!
  15. I absolutely love this show. I love Mike & Harvey's relationship, and Mike & Rachel's relationship. :smile: I love the first time where Mike was like "I love you" to Rachel, right after she rejected him. ahahah! :biggrin: