Suits and Tailoring in Beijing ...

  1. I am going to China again in a few months, and would really like to have a few of my favourite suits copied. I read an article where Princess Marie Chantal said that she gets a few done when she goes to Hong Kong, and I think it's a great idea!

    Does anyone have a favourite Beijing tailor, or any pointers for me?

    I have got the name of a few from Lonely Planet, but I would love any help or suggestions. I am a big dubious about whether or not it will work out ... but I am keen to try it out all the same.

    Thanks !!
  2. I have not been to Bejing, but I get things tailored in Shenzhen, China all the time!!! It is AMAZING!!!! I recommend that you either bring an item that you would like copied (a favorite pair of pants, dress, etc...), or bring a pic out of a magazine. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to go back for a fitting, and definitely bargain on the price. I know in Shenzhen, shirt fabric (cotton), costs around $2 a meter. Silk between $3-5. Just to give you an idea about what price to aim for. I think you will love having it done, it is a really fun way to go shopping!!
  3. My DH gets his suits, coats and all his shirts made in HK. He's in Shenzhen all the time, but I don't believe he's ever had anything made while he was there.

    DH used to go to Beijing quite often, but he never went to a tailor there. He always went down to HK. :shrugs:

    I've had a few suits made while in HK as well.:yes:
  4. Thanks for the tips!
    What is a reasonable price to pay for a jacket? A dress? A pair of pants?? I have no idea!

    I really appreciate the help!

    I have this fantastic Max Mara safari style jacket (very YSL) that I wear all the time which I would love in a few different colours, and this great little shift dress that is getting a little worse for wear and needs replacing ...
    I simply can't wait!

    I am considering going to the fabric market first to pick out all the materials I want. Do you think this is wise??
  5. I know in Shenzhen, I pay about $30-$40 dollars for a jacket, but that is with all fabric included, about $20-30 for dresses, and under $20 for pants. Usually the tailor will have all the fabrics, and you son't need to worry about buttons, zippers, lining, atc...that is all done for you. if you go to a very well-known tailor, expect to pay more, as they are there for the tourists!