Suitcase full of Spys.

  1. :nuts:The weekend thought I would brave the brave, so to speak, and tackle my suitcases for my up coming holiday. Think I am in big as you can see from the photos suitcases just full of spys and shoes not a lot of anything else.

    This is what happens when you have a spy everyone who is just getting their first spy be warned you cannot stop at one:nuts:
    135_3532.JPG 135_3534.JPG 135_3535.JPG
  2. now see Saich, that is my kind of packing :biggrin:

    I have these visions of you waiting for your bags at the carousel, and not being able to breathe properly until you see them come through :smile:
  3. :roflmfao: cute! I am trying to renew my spy love right now. I wish I'd find my spy true love soon!
  4. The good thing is that airlines have weight limits, not volume limits so to speak. Taking out the extra insurance was a smart move. Not that extra insurance would cover it. Imagine if you lost one of your LE's and could never replace it? Not that that is going to happen!

    You're very good, I always leave my packing to the night before, or if it's an arvo flight, in the morning. You must be so excited!!!
  5. Aw Saich!! You are so cute!! Packing my special bags when I go away is always a mission!! Recently, I ended up carrying my white Spy and then I gentle packed my baby honey Spy and a couple of my Balenciagas!! My SO thought I was crazy sectioning off a part of my suitcase with tissue paper and bubble wrap!! I couldn't stand the thought of "my babies" being apart from me and possibly getting damaged or lost!! So far so good!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your holiday modeling pics!!:graucho:
  6. That is my worst nightmare, waiting at the carousel and my suitcase not being their, that sooooooooo awful.

    I have had to pack them so they do not get squashed in anyway, yet they must not move in the suitcase and get bang around. Have some of my clothes wedged around
  7. You should use your clothes to stuff your spies (well the ones that aren't gonna crinkle too badly). This way you don't need to worry about squashing them.

    You get to pick up your pearl spy soon!!! :yahoo:
  8. saich - you are brave to pack/check-in your spies! i would be too scared to do so, being all paranoid that someone would break into my luggage and stealing it!

    maybe you can stuff socks/undies, anything that can be wrinkled to stuff your bags with?
  9. awwwwwwwww soo cute

    enjooy ur trip =)
  10. Are you bringing all your spies, Saich? We're going on holidays next month too ... but I'm so undecided on what bags to bring. I'm so scared that the suitcase might get lost or damaged. If that happened, I know I'll just start crying!:sad:
  11. OMG, Saich, this cracked me up:nuts:! Don't forget you need to leave some room in the suitcases to bring back some goodies from the US also:graucho:.
  12. ^^^ LOL! I love this picture!! I can only imagine another suitcase being needed for all the goodies! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Maybe two more suitcases!
  13. The spys are stuff with soft stuff clothes, think I am going to have to get another suitcase as never going to fit everything in.

    I do have a fear of the suitcase getting lost, as for damaged or being broken into, hopfully this will not happen as the luggage is Samsonite. The suitcase is a LE with 3 locks one being a com. lock.
  14. You'll be fine. I have my fingers crossed for you!
  15. These pictures have given me such a giggle!

    Have a lovely trip and i'm sure your luggage will be just fine.