suitable leather conditioners available in the UK?? a bit long!

  1. There have been a lot threads about leather care which I have been eagerly keeping my eye on as I have a full leather large flap bleecker on the way, and since I live in a very rainy area I don't want it being ruined by watermarks! However most of the suggested products aren't available in the UK, BOO! :sad:

    So I was wondering what brand Brits find most effective on their leather bags? I have seen so many for sofas and stuff but I remember green pixie saying in one of the earlier leather care threads that bleecker leather is burnished so it has been advised to stay away from cleaners.

    There have been a few conditioner products I have spotted but I don't want to test them on my bag without the thumbs up, as I love this bag and won't be able to afford another if I ruin it!

    1. Procycle,
    2. Collonil,
    3. Russell & Bromley (I couldn't find the leather care products on their website and the nearest store is miiiiiles away!),
    4. Lazy leather,
    5. LTT,
    6. Furniture Clinic.
    A forum I looked at gave some useful advise when cleaning leather, here. So maybe the LTT would be best? If Aggie Mackenzie recommended it surely it will be good? She can't ice skate but she is a genius when it comes to cleaning!

    There was also advise to go to a leather repairer or boot maker to see what product is best for what type of leather, though I am not sure whether they handbags are their forte!

    Any suggestions and comments of past experience very welcome! (sorry for all the blurb!)