Suitable for business meetings?

  1. Hi all, I'm new in this forum. Just need a piece of advice. I'm looking for a black leather bag/tote for business meetings (one that's large enough to hold a folder and documents and personal items). I'm thinking of the new Leather Large Gallery Tote... My concern is, the bag comes with quite many brass buckles and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate for business meetings. Any ideas?

  2. Hi kallison, thanks for your reply :smile: I did check the Hamptons Pebbled Leather previously, but the height of the bag would not hold my folder... unless I keep the bag unzipped. I hope my folder would fit in the gallery tote.
  3. what about the carly? i'm currently using the large one for school and it fits a TON (without being bulky). and it looks great when you take all that out- so it does double duty.

  4. I was thinking the Hamptons Business tote too. I don't even have a business and am in love with that bag. *L*
  5. I love the business tote! I have the carryall, which is a similiar shape, and I think it looks classic and professional...:smile:
  6. Why not actually look at the Coach Briefs?
    I have the Logan Brief in Black. I love, love, love, this brief. It so beautiful, timeless, classic, etc. Very roomy without being too bulky. IMO, It's perfect.

    One of my coworkers likes it so much she keeps coming around just to drool over it!
  7. Thanks all :smile: I'll check those bags and see which ones fit better.
  8. I actually want to get the carryall in the coral red color. I have absolutely nothing to wear it with, and normally I'm not a fan of that color, but I saw it in the store the other day and it's gorgeous!
  9. I don't normally use my gallery tote for business...but its a great size when you do. AND mine is a patchwork....I get a lot of compliments on it when I do carry it for work. The other option is the book tote which sells at the outlets all the time.... I have a hampton's business tote...but mine is from last year and its not the pebbled leather...which I'm not a fan of.
  10. kallison, I am surprised that you are keeping the Carly. Did it grow on you? I hope you enjoy it. I thought it looked good on you.
  11. it's grown on me a bit, yeah. still not thrilled...but, oh well.