suitable BAGS for metro sexual guys?

  1. what do you think?

    I am about to pick up my very first birkin 40 in black with palladium tomorrow from hermes..the SA said many buisness men would buy it.........for me it was just a MUST to buy that bag.........

    another bag I want to buy in the coming few days is the balenciaga le dix in it´s largest form (17,5´) n think its suitable for a guy?

    also, ladies(most of you at least hahaha), input! What would you like to see on guys?(---> with pics please!)

    also, vlad what do you weare?


  2. p10550751_ph_hero.jpg

  3. I am so JEALOUS!!! A BIRKIN? must post it if you get it!:nuts:....what else do you need!

  4. I thought...hey I made it in my job(okay very early but still.I kinda have my dream job even tho I´m 20) and that it was time to buy a birkin.......I had a hermes wallet, a kelly 40´(from my dad) and some shoes and knew a SA in I simply asked about the birkin and usually you would have to wait bout a year in austria they where able to track down one for me within 2 month..........if I would have been willing to take the cognac 25 or 40 they would have given it to me on the spot!

    But I have heard of others waiting for 2 I guess it´s only about how much they like you/don´t like you!

    and remeber: I wore a sweatshirt and jeans when I went for the purchase!
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