Suit suggestion?

  1. I am thinking of investing in a more decent suit now as I expect myself to be interviewing with either prestigious banks or business school in the near future again. I would like to purchase something with good quality, good cut, looking professional, yet I don't want to buy a real designer suit because I don't want to be perceived as some spoiled brat who do not need the job to survive, or risk dressing nicer than my future boss, and of course, to save some money too. Any suggestion? Thanks so much!
  2. I buy my suits at Talbots. Very classic, last me for years (one I have is 10, yes 10 years old, and look like new), and all come fully lined. That's my beef with the designer suits. You pay thousands yet they never line the pants!
  3. Try J. Crew. I love their suits. Very nice quailty and fit for a reasonable price.
  4. I agree with compulsive purse. My first real interview suit came from Talbots and it still looks as great as when I bought it 10 years ago. Still in style too! I think Talbots is great for work pieces--not too trendy and not staggeringly expensive. Ann Taylor is good too.
  5. What is your price bracket?

    Well, I did give someone a job as a graduate analyst in my (former) investment bank and she wore a Chanel suit to interview. It's not that black and white. If you come with a high-quality suit, the initial reaction will be you dressed smart and stand out against other candidates who mostly dressed in the most yucky combinations possible (especially the guys in their hairstyles that took a pot of wax to do and the gross Emenegildo Zegna purple stripe-y ties) :yucky:.

    It is only when you are arrogant, that the clothes are going to work against you.
  6. i love theory suits (just bought another one last week myself, lol).
  7. thank you so much people for your suggestion! you all are so nice! and I am happy to see that wearing good clothes actually makes you stand out rather than working against me. I am actually looking to interview for investment bank analyst type job, I am planning to pay up to 1000 for a good suit, but the prerequisite is it must look great quality and make me look professional.
  8. I like Ann Taylor and Jones NY. Tahari suits are beautiful, too.
  9. I'm with Ally on this one - go with Theory!

    Try to get one during one of Bloomingdales or Neimans "private sales". They usually have 20% off everything so you can get a good price on a worthwhile investment.
  10. thank you again people. I actually had Theory in mind before I inquired but I just wanted to make sure about the cut and quality. I actually live in Canada with limited selection of Theory suits, but I am going to NYC in June and I'll probably purchase one then. I am 5'3" and 108lb, do you guys think those would fit well? Also, which colours do you think would look most professional, smart, and sharp?
  11. I buy a lot of my suits from Ann Taylor. I am only 5'0" tall and I can buy their petites and not have to alter them. I have trouble finding suits that flatter me and fit right. I have the most luck with Ann Taylor. I also have a couple of Anne Klein suits that were petites and fit me well right off the rack. Since you are 5'3" I'm guessing you might wear petities also.
  12. I just bought a suit by Narciso Rodriguez (off eBay - and second-hand so this is a good choice if you are not bothered by that) -
    and it is excellent quality - are looking to buy a pant or a skirt suit? I am a pants girl but for this one I bought it with a skirt and love it.

    Good luck with the interview
  13. I'm exactly the same size as you, and I just bought a Theory suit in size 00. This is their smallest size. The suit fits me perfectly. If you go to a store and don't see size 00, ask a salesperson to look for it. You can buy the pants or skirt and jacket separately, and I was told by a Theory person that many people are a bigger size on top than bottom. Just try them on and see what fits you. I think Theory pants are great.
  14. i have both the theory pants and jacket in 00 and they both fit like a dream :smile:. i think the retail is about 600 including tax (360 for jacket and 190 for pants) together.
  15. Does anyone know where to find a lightweight wool suit with lined pants that are a straightcut? I dislike unlined wool pants, too itchy! I have pants that are bootcut and wide leg but they just look silly on me. I've looked at banana republic and j crew but those pants are also boot cut/wide leg or unlined. I don't really like Ann Taylor because I feel they are a but more mature than my age (22). My price range would be $300-$600 because I also have alteration costs to consider. If anyone has suggestions, thanks!! By the way, I might have found a suit at Club Monaco that I like, but the alterations will be significant, and I don't know of a good tailor yet in New York so I'm thinking of returning it.