Suicide Mystery: Do you know this man?

  1. On September 15, 2001, a young man checked into a motel on Washington's western coast, near Quinault Lake in Gray's Harbor County. He was tall and had a slender build. According to the motel clerk this young guy was polite, neatly groomed and may have spoken with a slight Canadian accent. He told the clerk he'd like to pay for the room with cash, and was only staying one night. He registered at the hotel with the name Lyle Stevick, and gave his home address as Meridian, Idaho.

    After the first night in the motel, the maid entered the room and he told her he wanted to stay a couple more days. On Sept. 17, the maid came back again. This time his lifeless body was hanging from the coat rack. He had closed the blinds so no one could see him. He arranged pillows on either side of his body against the walls, so no one would hear the thumping of the final moments of his life.

    He left money on the night stand with a note that said, "For the room". In the trash can there was a piece of white paper on which he scribbled one word, "suicide", as if for some reason, he needed to practice spelling it. Or perhaps, he sent a note to his family saying he was going to commit suicide and not to look for him. (Maybe that’s why it seems like no one is.)

    His fingerprints were sent to U.S. and Canadian databases, but no information popped up. His blood was drawn for DNA testing, too. All he brought to the motel was a toothbrush and toothpaste. He was white or Native American, 6'2" tall, with hazel eyes, and wore a blue plaid shirt over a gray T-shirt, size 10 Timberland boots (which incidentally, investigators say cost $200) and a black leather belt.

    Prior to his death, investigators believe he had lost about 30 or 40 pounds, because his Levi’s were a size 36 waist and way too big for his slender frame. The autopsy didn’t reveal he was suffering from any life-threatening medical conditions, but he had an old appendectomy scar on his abdomen. He was between 20 and 30 years old. His hair was neatly trimmed and he probably had orthodontic work at one time, because his teeth were perfect.

    Even more interesting, are the name and address he gave when he registered at the motel. "Lyle Stevick" is the name of a character in "You Must Remember This," a book by Joyce Carol Oates that was published in 1998. In the book, the character by the same name (spelled differently) takes his own life. So sometime between 1998 and 2001 this guy had read this book. The Idaho address he gave led back to a motel. No one remembered him there.

    This guy took care of himself and he had to have had people who cared about him at some time. He now rests in an unmarked grave at the Fern Hill Cemetery. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, this story did not get much media coverage. Almost six years later, still no one knows who he is.

    I don't believe such a handsome man would have no girlfriend or wife or significant other looking for him. Someone, somewhere knows something. We have overlooked something here, and more needs to be done to bring this man exposure so that his loved ones can be located. I plan to write to Nancy Grace at CNN about this to see if she can feature this story on her show. If anyone has a contact at CNN, please PM me.


    (the information in this post was gleaned from newspapers and other reports about this story since it took place in 2001.)
  2. Wow, thats crazy. I hope someone finds out something.
  3. My goodness, that is the saddest thing, & to think, he wanted NO ONE to know who or where he is or that he's gone. I can't think of anything more tragic to those who loved him.
  4. Dental records? They said he had orthodontic work done.
  5. That's so sad!
  6. Wowww. I agree that someone, somewhere, must know something... How tragic. How baffling...!
  7. Wow that's really sad since somebody committing suicide is always sad but yet it's also intriguing.
    It makes me want to know the whole story and who this guy is.
    I mean doesn't he have family, friends, anybody?
  8. Wow, that is SO sad :crybaby:I really hope we are able to find out who he is!​
  9. Wow. I just got the chills reading this.
  10. That's the first thing I thought of too, but it would be tough to track those down if they don't have a name on the guy ... these situations are so tragic ...
  11. this is very sad.
  12. That's so sad. I don't remember hearing about this at all!
  13. Yep, so close after 9/11 I can see how this unfortunately would not have been a big news story. So incredibly sad...someone feels they have no choice but to take their own life, and no one has ever filed a missing report? What a tragedy.
  14. Very intersting. And sad. Do you have the source for this?
  15. Yes, of course. Did you think this was made up? :p