Suicide is a Selfish Act [?]

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  1. #1 Apr 17, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 18, 2016
    Hello everyone.....
    My last post was about a young girl Pratiyusha who committed suicide this month. I think about it a lot and one question came to my mind is that why people commit suicide. Don't you think it is a selfish act. Person don't think about other or the people behind them and to get rid of his problem they commit suicide.
    What are your view.....???

    [Moderator added "?" to title to reflect question asked by OP in the thread]
  2. I think this is an extremely sensitive subject... Might be best to close the thread?!

  3. I agree a million percent.
  4. Yes, close it. It is very sensitive especially to those of us who have experienced it first hand with friends and family.
  5. Are you serious? You have NO idea what causes someone to Try or even Commit Suicide!

    I Agree! This Thread needs to be CLOSED! :locked:
  6. Are you thinking about it a lot because it brings up your own fears and thoughts of ending your life? There are many people who can help you. Please speak with a friend, family member or maybe someone at a Mandir. There are also suicide prevention websites. Most people on this website are friendly but it isn't the proper place to talk about such a serious subject. Good luck to you.

  7. Agree completely.
  8. A family friend lost her teenage son this way. He was quiet, thoughtful and very talented with musical instruments. I think of him often. But do I ever think he was selfish? Good heavens, no. What a thing to ask.
  9. +1
  10. It's inappropriate to assume that people who are going through suicidal thoughts or taking the major leap to end their life need to "think of others". As a sufferer of mental illness myself, this is the wrong thing to say or tell someone who is going thorough their own form of mental torment that no one else seems to stand from the outside. Lambasting these people or pointing fingers isn't the way to deal with suicide in society.
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  11. I lost a friend to suicide last year and can only think about the pain she was feeling. I will not judge her.

    It would probably be best to close this thread before others are hurt.

  12. I agree completely, boxermom, for those of us personally touched by suicide it is a painful and completely inappropriate thread topic. Sadly, however, the admins and mods apparently disagree as I reported it yesterday and no action has been taken. Smdh......

    My sympathies on the loss of your friend.
  13. There have been many requests to close this thread.

    However, the OP seems to be trying to figure out her own feelings around her recent grief, and is asking for help. So maybe we can look at it from another angle, because grief is complicated and should not be limited to those who do it "well." I am no expert so my words are just my own thoughts, but I do hope we can offer a place of comfort to the OP rather than a onslaught of rejection.

    Unfortunately, I have known too many people who've ended their own lives. They are all people I've loved dearly. One I just found out about last week as we'd been out of touch for a couple of years. For me, the losses I've faced have left deep grooves of sadness in my heart as I think of their despair. How terrible they must have felt to see only one answer. It's something that's hard to reconcile with our own feelings and desires.

    I must admit I have had moments where I've been selfish and thought, "Why didn't they reach out to me?" "How could they just leave us here?" But in truth, they were likely not in a place where they believed anyone could help them – or for some that anyone would want to. Of course people have different motives and experiences, so it's hard to say. It does seem the one thing that is pretty true across the board, is they were not in a place where they could see beyond their own despair. Is that selfish? I don't think so – at least not in the judgy way our society uses that word.

    So, while I agree, people who commit suicide may not be thinking of others, at least not clearly, it's not because they are jerks.

    Many people experience anger and a variety of other "unpopular" feelings when a loved one ends their own life. Grief can be extremely confounding. I cannot judge one's grief just as I cannot judge one who's chosen to leave us, but I do know that forgiveness does not often come first.

    I recommend perhaps talking to a counselor yourself, OP, to get some insight into what you friend may have been experiencing and some guidance on how to deal with your loss.

    My condolences to you and to everyone in this thread who has experienced this.

    If anyone here is having suicidal thoughts, I urge you to please seek help. It may seem hopeless, but just do it anyway.
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  14. Also, if this thread is a trigger for you and not something you want to partake in, feel free not to follow. It's completely understandable as it is a very emotional and personal subject.
  15. #15 Apr 18, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016
    Since this isn't something that seems to have happened to the OP personally as she admitted she is only referencing the thread she posted about a famous starlet who allegedly killed herself who was also pregnant. That made it clear to me she is not suffering from a loss of someone she knew. She went on to make a statement that she felt this is a selfish thing for someone to do and a bad way for someone to solve their problems. Period. That doesn't come across to me someone who is looking for sympathy but rather for someone who is looking for others to agree with her that it is just a selfish act and lets all demonize people who have committed suicide.

    Believe me, if the OP came here as another poster did who had lost his SO to suicide she would have received as much sympathy and comfort as he did.

    It just sounded very gossipy to me.

    P.S. you are right though JetSet, blanket statements made out of ignorance do trigger my anger. So unless the motive of this thread comes from a place of compassion instead of judgement, I won't participate in it.