Suicide in a bottle!


MCM is bae!
Oct 10, 2005
I'm taking it to a new level. We're not talking perfume graveyard. We're talking could be patented as a weapon for troops. Pesticide. Rabid dog tamer. My contribution:

Victoria's Secret VICTORIA aka
eau de Granny aka
death in a bottle aka
enbombing fluid le fleur

Now that that's outta the way -honorable mention goes to (*drum roll please):
Dior Poison (Pure Poison is sooooooooo much better.)
Dior Trouble ( ya darn right)
Avon Imari
Sun Moon and Stars (will have u seeing them.)
Elizabeth Taylor Passion (where is it?)
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds and Sapphires
and Rubies (heck darn near all of em! Except the newer ones...)
Shalimar ( Yeah I said it. But I do apologize.)
Givenchy Amarige ( I know- I know your momma loves it, BUT still...)
Ralph Lauren Safari
Noa and it's counter part
Noa Pearle
Ciara (70's harlotry bottled)

*if you wear any of these- no offense. apologies in advance.


Aug 6, 2006
I don't know if it smells ok on some people...maybe...but in a momentary lapse of judgement I sprayed Curve Vintage Soul on my arm yesterday, it wasn't outright icky just not my taste. The problem was that it DOESN'T come off. I am not kidding I scrubbed with every soap in the house including Dawn, and that is used to de-grease wildlife caught in oil slicks, this stuff is like that BO in Seinfeld. took over an hour of washing my arm to get it off. On a side note, if you are looking for something with staying power I found it for you.


Oct 12, 2006
It is so about individual body chemistry. There used to be one called Tea Rose, that on some people, smelled a lot like the pipi of kittycats.

Unfortunately, many of those people elected to drench themselves in the then-popular fragrance.

And both Curve Vintage Soul and Shalimar smell really good on me, but there are some people whose skin should never come in contact with these perfumes, as the result would gag a goat. A cement yard goat.

My grandmother used Lily of the Valley perfume, I can't remember the actual brand, it was some fancy thing from France that nobody else in the world had at that time, and she always smelled so beautiful, I can close my eyes and smell her now - so fresh and clean, you would only know about it if you gave her a hug!

But when I got ahold of the bottle and put some on my own little arm, it smelled like a sour washrag. I cried, and had to be comforted and listen to a very non-scientific but essentially accurate discourse on the chemistry of skin and the downside of uniqueness!


MAC Madness!
Sep 19, 2006
Well said ShimmaPuff... everybody has something that works/doesn't work for them. I cannot wear ANY Calvin Klein fragrance, for example. I end up smelling like I washed my clothes in rubbing alcohol.


Jan 5, 2006
I can't stand Noa either. The funny thing I actually bought a bottle once (while in a hurry at an airport. I was trying to spend the British pounds I had left, but ended up overspending and had to compensate with a 100 dollar bill. The cashier said she could only give me British pounds back, and I had no use for them so I grabbed the first bottle of perfume I could see, to make her give me back as little British pounds as possible :P) I remember the cashier asking me "Do you like that?" like it was so odd that I thought it would smell good, haha! A friend actually used to wear it, and it smelled nice on her. And now I have a full bottle and I can't give it away because I threw away the box. I once sprayed a different version of Noa on me during a break at work, and my boss flat out told me I smelled bad :yucky::shame:

But I love Trèzor, though! Only not on me. I swear I smell like rotten carrots when I wear it. But my mom had a bottle once, and it smells nice on her.

And I absolutely detest something called Farenheit for men. :yucky::yucky:


MCM is bae!
Oct 10, 2005
Oh where do I start:
"Farenheit" aka Eau de Gramps is actually by Dior. Yes yes I know; the beloved fashion house that comes out w/so many other nice smelling perfumes/colognes, went downhill w/this one.

"Tea Rose"? The aunts LOVE it and I just dont get that fragrance. Reminiscent of moth balls.

And if Vintage Soul can hold up to Dawn then I'm running in the opposite direction.