Suhali Zippy wallet

  1. I did a little searching for detailed pics of the Suhali zippy wallet as it's one of 3 wallets I'm thinking about for my birthday (in 2 weeks! :yahoo:) but I only found ONE suhali zippy pic at all. I'm sure more people on here have it! Could someone please post some pics of theirs or if I missed a thread with them please point me in the right direction.

    Also the suhali leather looks very it durable for everyday use for a wallet?
  2. Have you seen the animated pics on the LV website? They give very good close up detail. I don't have any suhali myself, but everything I've read re durability is all good. People who own suhali rave about it!
  3. ^Thanks! I always forget about the actual LV site and usually right straight for elux. It still would be great to see some IRL pics though :p
    Looking at it on the internet I really don't care for it though. But I remembered loving it in person. Maybe I need to go and stare at it a few more times.
    Also I saw this brought up in a few threads but never really has been is the white as far as attracting dirt and cleaning dirt off? I really like the white but if it gets dirty super easily it may not be good for a wallet...