Suhali Zipped Compact Wallet?

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  1. Hi needed some help and opinions on the sienne Suhali Zipped Compact Wallet.

    Got it as a gift but I was thinking of exchanging it for another style, possibly the french purse (material undecided)...

    Thoughts?/ Suggestions? / What would you prefer?
  2. Vernis French purse?
  3. I'd keep the Suhali Zipped Compact wallet... it's SO hot!
  4. Didn't think it would be so difficult to decide and I never thought I'd feel overwhelmed in an LV store but in the end I decided to stick w/ the Suhali...luv the leather and the shape's unique. Thanks for ur suggestions :smile:
  5. keep it... it is a nice wallet!
  6. yeah, keep it, i have always find that it is such a hot wallet!
  7. I loveee this wallet. It's probably my favourite suhali item, haha.