Suhali Wallet - anyone who owns one? Is it worth getting?

  1. Hi LV Experts,

    'need your help -- I'm thinking of buying an 'investment/last-a-lifetime' wallet. and it looks like the LV wallet in suhali will fit the bill -- no logos, nice quality leather, very classy design, etc.

    But it is also very expensive -- almost the same price as a Speedy! That's why 'would need some advice from those who own one -- is it really worth it?

  2. I believe it is very well worth it... I would so get it if I was a woman. :P
  3. Hi John,

    Thanks -- you don't think it's too extravagant? Funny thing to say, I know, esp. for someone who buys LV -- it's just that the cost is almost the same as a Speedy!

    I guess I just need somebody to tell me it's okay :nuts:
  4. I think it's totally worth getting! Especially if you're planning on having it for a very long time...better one REALLY NICE wallet than a lot of cheaper get it! It's something you'll probably use everyday, right? And if you use it for a long time, then it really didn't cost that much...the PTI is $675...if you use it everyday for two years, thats less than a dollar a day!
  5. I know I know my groom puchette wallet was 615 can and I really debated about getting it because it is almost the price of a speedy but, I went for it and I love it. I wanted mon canvas with something extra and voila the groom line provided me with that. I love the red and I love the groom and the history and the fact that it is LE. Really think about and then go for it...that is what I did...