Suhali it or leave it?

  1. What u gals think of the newest Suhali color? I really liked the pics I saw online. Unfortunately, no store near by to see IRL. :crybaby: I was torn between the Le Confident and the Lockit I got 'em both. :graucho: I'm hoping I'll like them in person as much as I did online. Anyone have them? How you like?
  2. I don't have any verone ( yet:graucho:) but I love the new colour and really want a lockit PM in verone.:drool:
  3. For me, it's "leave it" because of the gold hardware, if it had been silver, I would have liked it more.
  4. I used to hate it, but it's grown on me! I definitely want a Le Fab in Verone!!!!!!
  5. That's one of the things I'm concerned about. I typically like silver hardware better too. I guess if I don't absolutely love them when they arrive, I'll have to send them back. I do have two Summit Drives coming too...Pomme and Amarante. So, I'm hoping there's something I'll like.
  6. i don't know why, but verone and white suhali is my fav..a little bit leaning towards verone!

    silver or goldware wil look great in my opinion..both colors have their own pro/cons buti think that the gold hardware looks more elegant.
  7. i saw verone in person and i think it is a beautiful color. its really classy looking. i would like to get a le confident in verone some day.
  8. I Love It! :smile:
  9. :heart: verone lockit! :heart:
  10. I LOVE the new verone is so stunning esp. in the lockit PM:heart:
  11. Still hasn't grown on me. For me, grey and gold just don't go well together.
  12. I only like certain bags in the verone. The Le Fab in WHITE all the way... but the lockit is GORGEOUS in the verone!
  13. I saw it IRL and I like it in the LeFab the best. Sorry if I offend but I told my SA that it reminded me of elephant skin. The SA laughed and said that a bunch of people said the same thing to her.
  14. it's not my style but i think it's gorgeous!
  15. I think the Le Fab looks stunning in Verone :smile: and I actually don't mind the gold hardware. It looks very classy.