Suhali Speedy or....??

  1. Ok. I came across this pic from Dior event in Thailand (actually, from website about this party). So, would someone help me identify this bag?


    Don't tell me that it's Suhali Speedy..!:rolleyes:

    ** If it's from other brand, please forgive me. I just saw the LV lock on the right side!!
  2. I'm pretty sure that's fake.

    The handles look too long if it was an SO imo...
  3. Well that's it a fake or an SO?

    If it's SO, it's TDF!
  4. I was wondering the same when I first saw this pic. :confused1:
  5. :huh: Never seen this before.
  6. me either... there was talk of the suhali speedy coming out, though. can anyone confirm that?
  7. ^
    I can confirm there was talk. =P

    Aren't the shape very off anyways? Maybe she decided to put her LV lock on a different purse?
  8. Yes there was talk but I hope it's not going to look like that.

    It doesn't look quite right to be an LV handles too long, zip tab funny shape and the chads/shields where it the handles attatch to the bag are a strange shape too
  9. thanks for confirming! i hope it doesn't look like that either, if that's real. the shape looks like the fake mono 25s that you see scattered all over eBay! kinda disproportionate...
  10. Fake!!!
  11. I :heart: it, hope they make a keepall too...although I will not be buying one
  12. I have the idea that the suhali speedy ( if there is sometime one) will be looking like the multicolor speedy a little bit
  13. I'm sad. I've never seen that bag before, ever. I'm going with fake. Boo.
  14. maybe its SO
  15. There is an LV lock on it's supposed to be LV. I doubt that LV is willing to SO a Speedy in Suhali, so I'd say it's fake.