Suhali S Lock bracelet: Too BIG?

  1. HI

    I just bought my boyfriend a Suhali S Lock bracelet from the boutique yesterday. It is stunning but I didn't try it on myself so I just assumed it's one-size-fits-all item. However when I got home, I just realised how big the bracelet is. There is a 'M' been hot stamped on the inside of the bracelet and I think it means Moyen which means medium?! I am not sure if it will fit my boyfriend. I didn't ask my SA if it comes in different sizes. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  2. there are two sizes as i recall, the S and the M......i think S fits most people cuz mine's an S and it's still a little loose on my wrist

    maybe u can have it exchanged...good luck :smile:
  3. Hi Priscilla! Thanks! I will see if I can get it exchanged. :smile:
  4. Yeah, I think getting a small should do the trick... which color did you get it in?

    I want one sooooo bad in black. :drool: