Suhali s-lock bracelet discontinued...

  1. Sadly is it!! Not the new thin Koala style s lock but the orignal one.

    Here is what send me in an email...

    Dear Sir,

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.

    It is my pleasure to provide the information you have requested. The
    Suhali S Lock Bracelet is currently offered in black or white Suhali,
    and while there is limited stock remaining of the blue color, this item
    is discontinued and once it has sold out will no longer be available.
    The plum color has been discontinued, and is sold out nationwide. The
    geranium color has not been created in this bracelet style; I apologize
    for any disappointment this may cause.

    :cry: :cry:

    So I guess if any one wants one, hurry up and get the rarest color (blue) and then go from there. Too bad they didn't make a Germanium one... uhhh it would be sooo HOT!
  2. OH... or do they strictly mean the COLOR blue is discontinued? Hence the limited stock??

    maybe I jumped the gun... sorry lol
  3. That is to bad, I really like them.
  4. i wanna get the black one like mks
  5. did they make one in blue? my boutique said there were only 2 coulours (balck and white) !
  6. it's still around.
  7. Oooh dang! I should consider getting one of these babies before they're gone!
  8. I don't know maybe it is just the colour you can read it either way :shrugs:
  9. Ooh,i never know there is a blue one around!!But i still love my black one tho,lol.
  10. I posted this over a year ago when I first found out and yet its still produced! lol so I want to say its just the blue color :smile:
  11. LOL ooopps I guess we should check the post dates!
  12. :roflmfao: