Suhali refurbishing? does LV do this?

  1. Hi all, I generally post in Chanel but need your advice. I am recently head over heels for a le fab...I have my eye on a gently used one in white. The leather is perfect but the brass hardware has some fading and the inside lining is a little dirty. Do you know if LV replates the brass on the suhali ligne and does anyone know cost? also do they clean linings (again, cost?) Your help is much appreciated!:shame:
  2. don't know stacy, how bout calling 866-vuitton and someone should be able to give you an estimate on cost and feasibility. good luck!
  3. Thanks Mick, I'll give them a try...if I find anything out, I'll report back!
  4. ok, i called for you....if it was the leather--more expensive and troublesome, so good that's it's the brass.
    they will try to polish the brass, but if vey faded or dented, they can replace it, but could not give an actual estimate.
    the lining can also be addressed and they will attempt to clean it first, and if need be, can replace it, but it is somewhat costly (not sure what costly is)
    she rec you take it to LV and hopefully they can run through your options with you in person....
  5. good luck and let us know what kind of numbers they quote you. ;)
  6. i have a feeling that these costs may make the old bag cost more than a new one...
  7. I was thinking the same.
  8. Just make sure that the gold hardware does not rub off, because they shouldn't. Scuffed, but should not be faded. By the time you replace the lining and the hardware, it might be cheaper to get a near-new one or a brand-new.